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Friends Four Year Schools

SWCC Science & Math Department

Friends Four Year Schools

Appalachian College of Pharmacy

asbury  friends four year schoolsChelsea Asbury:

“Not only was attending SWCC an affordable way to obtain my Associate’s Degree, but I was also able to begin my education at a Professional School at the age of 20. SWCC prepared me to begin my career in the pharmaceutical field and I am forever grateful for the wonderful professors who aided me along the way.”

horn  friends four year schoolsWhitney Horn: 

“I chose SWCC because it provided me with the necessary background and resources to get accepted into a PharmD program. Not only did it prepare me academically, but the faculty there was very supportive, caring and encouraging. Going to SWCC not only provided me with the foundation for my future, but I gained a network of professionals that helped shape me into the person I am today.”

vance  friends four year schoolsLindsay Vance:

“SWCC was a good choice for me because it offered quality classes close to home! SWCC offered all that classes that I needed to get my degree and transfer to graduate school without breaking the bank!”

East Tennessee State University

dean  friends four year schoolsDustin Dean:  Physical Therapy Program,   

“The reason SWCC was a great choice in colleges for me, was to first get me started into college without financial struggle. I think this is obviously most students concern when coming to a community college but after I got into my science classes I learned great study habits and had great encouragement and support to fight my way into my professional program, which is Physical Therapy. After I left SWCC and went to East Tennessee State University and had classes at the University level, I realized I had been prepared well in all my science courses, had great study habits, time management skills and was prepared in every way possible to conquer each class I had. If I had not started at SWCC and got the great advisement I had through my science program, I do not know if I would have accomplished my goals that I wanted to.”

Jared Lowe: Chemistry,

“I chose SWCC because its affordability and proximity to my home. It was a good place to decide my major while exploring other options. The extracurricular activities in which I took part created lasting memories for a lifetime.”

Radford University

Jordan Lovelace: Communication Sciences and Disorders,

“SWCC has a phenomenal Science Department. The professors really opened my eyes to career opportunities in the field of science.  By completing my Associates degree I was able to transfer to Radford University, entering straight into my major classes.”

Virginia Commonwealth University

Erik Roberts: Dental School,

“My education at SWCC allowed me to develop academic and personal skills instrumental in my success at both Virginia Tech and Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. As I prepare to receive my D.D.S. degree, I am grateful for the SWCC faculty and community who believed in and supported me as I began my journey to becoming a dentist. An education at SWCC is only the beginning of many great things to come.”

Virginia Tech

Emily Asbury: Animal and Poultry Sciences,

“SWCC was a good choice for college because it prepared me to continue my education at a university, by allowing smaller classes with professors who could help you when it was needed. Southwest gave me confidence in my education and allowed me to have an advantage over others who went straight into a university, having my core classes finished upon entering Virginia Tech allows me to focus more on my major.”

hampton  friends four year schoolsDavid Hampton: Biology: Microbiology and Immunology,

“Southwest Virginia Community College was the perfect foundation for my future career as a scientist. The professors wield a level of synergy with their students that is unmatchable elsewhere. All of my transfer coursework was accepted by Virginia Tech, and upon admission I was leagues ahead of my peers in groundwork. SWCC truly breeds the brightest students of tomorrow and I recommend all students explore the many opportunities that it can provide for them.”

Adam Murray: Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise – Science of Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise Option,

“Attending Southwest Virginia Community College is a great choice because you will be exposed to education, fellow students, and professors who will challenge you to find your desire in life and chase after it! At a minimal price comparative to 4-year institutions you have the opportunity to gain an Associate’s Degree and be ahead of the game whether you seek a career or furthering your education for a Bachelor’s degree. Southwest was a smart choice for me to not only gain a degree but gain a lifetime of friendship, intelligence, and motivation to change the world! Choose SWCC!”

wallace swcc friends four year schoolsLindsey Wallace: Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise: Dietetics Option,

“I chose to begin my collegiate career at Southwest Virginia Community College because of the past success I perceived through family and friends. Southwest offered small class sizes that enabled me to actively engage with the instructors. I was given the resources and opportunities to develop sound, professional relationships that enhanced my learning experience beyond the textbook. The courses offered strengthened and broadened my knowledge which prepared me for transfer into Virginia Tech. I was able to receive a top quality education while saving money, through low cost tuition, and enjoy living at home. “