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VPT Math Assessment to Start

Getting Started!

Thank you for your interest in Science and Math at Southwest!

Why attend SWCC?

1. Expert faculty dedicated to student achievement:
Faculty encourages critical thinking and problem solving needed in any career pursuit.
Outside experts bring lectures to the classroom exposing students to new ideas and career   opportunities.
2. Outstanding science facilities and technology
New to the department are the outdoor classroom and virtual cadaver lab.
Great academic advisement with mentoring and encouragement.
3. Classes are small
Students are known by name.
The department offers exciting field trips from local areas of scientific interest to the Baruch  Institute in South Carolina to study estuary and marine animal life and their ecosystems.
4. Students are treated as part of a caring community
SDV 101 Orientation to Science allows students to foster friendships with students of a common interest area.
Friends are quickly made in the classroom.
5. Excellent transfer rate
The faculty prepares students for entry into universities or professional schools.
Most importantly the students are successful upon transfer.
SWCC has many articulation agreements with colleges, universities and professional schools

PLUS! A university education at a community college price!
Earning an Associate Degree lowers cost of housing and living expenses. It is the best education at the best price.

If you are new to college, your very 1st step is to fill out the free application & complete a few other Admissions activities. Click here to find the application link and other steps to complete to get started at SWCC!

Part of the admissions process is providing assessment scores for your class placement prior to class registration. The content on this page will help you with that!

Virginia Placement Test for Mathematics (VPT Math)

You must submit your application for admission before taking the placement test unless you qualify for exemption from the VPT.

Verify current requirements and see if you qualify for an exception through Multiple Measures at the Assessment & Testing page.
  • Personal calculators cannot be used. The test includes a non-graphing calculator for all topics except the test on basic skills with whole numbers.
  • Math test scores are valid for two years.
  • One VPT Math retest is allowed within 12 months of the initial attempt on the Virginia Placement Test, if taken before you enroll in a math course.

The Virginia Placement Test for Mathematics – VPT Math is an adaptive, computerized, un-timed test.
On parts of the test, when you answer test questions correctly, the questions will continue to get more difficult as you move through the test levels. Incorrect answers will result in less difficult questions. When you can no longer consistently answer the questions correctly, the test will stop and your course placement is determined.
Some other courses such as science and computer science courses also require a qualifying score on the math placement test.

Need to improve your VPT math scores?The importance of reviewing material cannot be over emphasized. The placement test is not an admissions test or an aptitude test. The test measures how well you demonstrate math skills and your score indicates the science courses you are prepared to take. Starting your review process early will give you enough time to practice so that you will successfully complete MTEs 1-9. Completing them successfully will save you time and money!

The video above gives important points about why you should prepare well for the VPT. The importance of reviewing material that you have previously studied cannot be over emphasized. The placement test is not an admissions test or an aptitude test. The test measures how well you demonstrate skills and your score indicates the courses you are prepared to take. Not reviewing before taking the placement test could possibly place you in a course that is lower than your actual skill level, delaying your math sequence by one or more semesters, costing you time and money. Starting your review process early will give you enough time to practice so that you can feel confident of doing your best on the placement test.

For more information & VPT Math practice tests go to the SWCC Assessment & Testing page and the VCCS Mathsite at

Courses with Math Essentials (MTE) Units as Prerequisites

CoursePrerequisite MTE Units
MTH 1011,2
MTH 103 1,2,3
MTH 126
MTH 151
MTH 152
MTH 157
MTH 163
MTH 164
MTH 240 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

VPT Assessment for VPT Math & VPT English

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. At the login, click Student Self-Registration and enter the following:
• Institution: Select VCCS Practice Test Institution from the drop down box
• Site: VCCS Practice Test from the drop down box
• Site Password: Virginiapt

Step 3. Complete the Student Registration Form. Note the following fields:

Student ID Field:

  • For students who have completed an SWCC application, use the letters SWCC and your seven digit EMPLID (student id number). Example: SWCC#######. NOTE: If your EMPLID starts with a zero, omit it. For example, if your EMPLID is 0326844, enter SWCC26844 instead of SWCC0326844.
  • For an individual taking the practice test who does not have an EMPLID (student id number), the college abbreviation could be followed by most any combination of numbers and letters. Example: SWCC2468agb

Email Address Field: Since your VCCS student email address will be used for the “real” test, the VCCS email address should NOT be entered when registering for the practice test. An alternate email should be used so that the student can receive an auto-generated email containing the logon and password info to resume the practice test if it is isn’t completed in one sitting.

Step 4. Click submit

Step 5. Next you will see the End User Subscription Agreement. Read and then click Accept.

Step 6. You will then be taken to the Dashboard listing and linking the tests.

A. VPT Math Practice Units 1-5

B. VPT Math Practice Units 6-9

C. VPT Math Practice Calculus No Trig

D. VPT Math Practice Calculus with Trig

Step 7. Click on a link to choose the practice test. Read the directions and then click on Begin Test. Use the Next button to move forward throughout the test. Note: you may click Save and Finish Later at any time.

Step 8. When you are done with a test, click the final submit button. You will be taken back to the Dashboard. To view your results, click on the test link. This will take you to the Score Report page.
Score Report: The correct answers to practice test questions print on the score report for the practice test in addition to the student’s responses. The student can then review the information that was missed.

Online resources to help you are listed below