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Physics is exciting and will stimulate your imagination!

A major in physics provides a wide range of career options. Physics allows the study of galaxies to neutrinos! A major in this can all start at SWCC with an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Science. After completion of the two year basic science degree, students transfer to a four year school. Students declare a physics major their junior year which will be the first year at the four year school. At the four year school students will have a number of different physics courses to choose from to continue their studies. At the transfer institution students will be assigned an advisor who will guide them as to the course work in physics and other math courses needed to successfully complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics.

Physics mc2Physics Adjunct Professor and Advisor

Matthew Joyce

Advisor on campus- Georgia Householder


Class and Lab Format – Online
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Physics html-scroller-bullets Why major in Physics

Physics is essential to understanding the world around us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. People who major in this gain intellectual discipline and problem solving abilities that are transferable to all careers. In an American Institute of Physics report it was stated roughly 90% of all physics majors said that the most commonly used skill at work is problem solving. Physics classes are a requirement in science curricula for all students not just those majoring in physics because it teaches analytical skills that are transferable to all science majors and a wide variety of careers.

physcis How to get started

To get started on your degree in science at SWCC you must be ready to enroll in MTH 173. The foundation courses for a BS degree in physics are physics and math. You would take PHY 241 and PHY 242. As an anticipated physics major you should include more math classes than listed in the science curriculum. The Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Science curriculum is adaptable to each student’s specific needs. To enroll in these classes previously taken math classes and math scores must be available to the college and your advisor.

Review additional information and practice tests for  the VPT Math placement test.

Make an appointment with your advisor and keep the appointment. A student can contact Professor Householder by email (see above). She will make sure you are started on the right track. This is the most important step you can take in getting started.

physics Career options in physics and associated careers

As you review the list below you will see physics provides opportunities for many exciting careers in various professions because it teaches skills that are transferable to other professions. To find out the what, how and pay of careers listed below use the occupational Bureau of Labor Statistics Outlook Handbook