Weisfeld Exhibit | Festival of the Arts

Weisfeld Exhibit | Festival of the Arts

A Peek at Stardom: Hollywood Memorabilia from the Weisfeld Collection

Opens April 7, 2019 at 1 pm at the Ellen von Dehsen Elmes Gallery, King Community Center

weisfeld wizard of ozRobert Weisfeld, former owner of the Star Museum in Abingdon, has been collecting memorabilia from Hollywood stars and the film industry for over a half a century. Weisfeld says “there can be no doubt among all art forms of the last century, film was the most significant. My personal collection of memorabilia celebrates that phenomenon, especially in film’s Golden Age studio system days. It was an era when the movie industry was among the greatest business monopolies the world has ever known.”

Weisfeld continues “Classic Hollywood influences every art form. Film, our reliance on it, has only expanded. George Clooney is today’s outgrowth of Cary Grant, Lady Gaga, the potential Barbara Streisand. Yet we have never topped 1939!”

Weisfeld’s exhibit delves intimately into star figures who have made pop culture contributions. The exhibit offers one-of-a-kind short lived apparel or personal belongings owned or utilized by the famous-autographs, correspondence, estate artifacts, as well as uncommon mass marketed items. The exhibit is an experience of fame, an examination of stardom, personality, beauty luck and talent. Here are the stars forgotten or remembered, the least of them grabbing fleeting attention, the best of them expressing the creativity of possible genius, documented by film.

weisfeld exhibit eastwoodYou will see Clint Eastwood’s autographed helmet from Kelly’s Heroes, Ray Bolger’s shoes from The Wizard of Oz, Betty Grable’s shoes from Belle Starr, Joan Crawford’s Christmas apron, a shirt worn by Rock Hudson….and the list goes on.