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Career Readiness Certificate

Career Readiness Certificate

Workforce Assessment & Testingcareer readiness certificate

The WorkKeys® Solution

WorkKeys® is a national workforce development system that permits a direct comparison of the skills levels needed to perform a job with skills levels an individual currently possesses. WorkKeys is a comprehensive system from ACT designed to help individuals develop the skills employers require.

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) reports an individual’s Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information skill levels in relation to what is needed for 60% of the occupations in ACT’s WorkKeys® database. The CRC is only awarded to individuals who meet the performance criterion for Level 4 across all three skill areas. Supported by Virginia Workforce Council, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Virginia Community College System, Virginia AFL-CIO, and Virginia Manufacturers Association, the CRC facilitates connections for skilled workers with employment opportunities related to their skill sets.

Why Do We Need a Career Readiness Certificate in Virginia?

Brett Vassey, president and chief executive officer of the Virginia Manufacturers Association shares the value of the Virginia CRC.

Virginia businesses compete in a global marketplace and must deliver the highest quality of goods and services at the most economical price. In order for businesses to do this, they must hire the most capable and productive employees available to form their workforce. Workplace skill is the over-whelming criteria for determining who is hired, promoted or, in some cases, separated. Businesses want to be, and in fact, must be sure that their hiring criteria are valid instruments for assessing workplace skills, reliable predictors of workplace abilities and meet all compliance policies and laws. Individuals who seek employment must effectively communicate to potential employers the skills and abilities they offer. The CRC serves both the needs of the employer and job-seekers.

The WorkKeys® Writing Program

The Virginia Department of Education has endorsed the use of the WorkKeys Writing assessment as an alternative to the Virginia Standards of Learning Writing test. Southwest Virginia Community College WorkKeys Writing Program includes instruction, preparation, and the WorkKeys Writing Assessment.


KeyTrain and WIN are complete, web-based, interactive learning tools aligned with ACT WorkKeys®. The curriculum is developed specifically to help people master the applied workplace skills as defined by the ACT WorkKeys® system.

These programs are available at no cost.

Your Customized WorkKeys® Solutions

Whether you are a Career Seeker, Student, or an Employer, SWCC Workforce Development Services can provide a solution to your assessment, training, and certification needs through the use of the ACT WorkKeys® system.

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