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Audio and Visual:

The Center provides businesses and community with the most up to date technology for classes, professional development, and special events. The SWCC Information Technology (IT) Department is experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to meet the unique needs of students, community, and businesses.

Larger classrooms that can hold up to 50 people include overhead LCD projectors, projection screens, instructor computer, and laptop input connections. Computer labs can hold up to 24 people and include DELL computers, free Wi-Fi and printing capabilities.

The auditorium can seat up to 55 people and boasts 2 projectors and one overhead projector. The Jefferson Conference Room can hold up to 20 people and includes video conference via screen so clients can converse with colleagues in other counties or across the world.

The facility provides conveniences such as wireless internet access and free laptop and cell phone charging ports. Each room is conveniently equipped with its own digital thermostat.

Standard equipment included in the price of rental may include (depending upon room choice), computers, projectors, screen, audio, Wi-Fi, Apple TV, etc. Video conferencing is an additional $10.00 per hour. Onsite dedicated IT Support is $35.00 per hour.

Food and Beverage:

The Center has a regular sized refrigerator and many classrooms have a sink available for use with rental. The auditorium is equipped with a larger room for catered meals to be brought in. The Center allows meals to be brought in by the renter at no charge, but does not provide clean up services. If SWCC in conducting a customizable business training course, lunches may be included in the total cost of the package.

The Russell County Conference Center next door has a large kitchen available for rental upon availability. The phone number is 276-254-0153 to inquire.

Coffee for up to 30 people is an additional $10.00. Mints and water can be provided at no charge upon request. Refreshments and snacks are available for any event and can be requested at an additional cost.


Square tables, chairs, linens, podium, sign holders, desks, sink, refrigerator, and coat rack

Facility Use Guidelines:

  1. The undersigned hereby represents himself/herself as an authorized agent of the organization listed in Part A and below, and as such makes application to Southwest Virginia Community College for the use of college facilities.
  2. It is understood that the final reservation of space can begin only after forms are completed, signed, and received by SWCC Center for Education and Training.
  3. A telephone at the center may be used for emergencies during the event, and Campus Police must be notified in the event of any emergency or disturbance. Campus Police may be contacted by calling 276.964.7221.
  4. It is understood that non-college groups are not authorized to release SWCC Center for Education and Training’s number to the public for the purpose of the college providing information on the scheduled event. Further, it is understood that non-college groups will not promote or advertise an event as being sponsored or co-sponsored by the college and should not list the college telephone number as a source of information on the event. If there is a question about what constitutes “sponsored or co-sponsored by the college,” the college’s Public Relations Coordinator should be consulted.
  5. It is understood that the number of participants shall not exceed the authorized capacity of the facility reserved.
  6. Groups will remove all of the organization’s property and equipment from college facilities immediately following the event.
  7. Groups will ensure that the area used (including restrooms) is cleaned after the event. If it is necessary for the college to clean the area, the group will receive a bill. Costs will be based on manpower and materials used. It is agreed that the group will observe all college regulations and will exercise the utmost care in the use of the college’s facilities.
  8. It is understood that the use of alcohol is prohibited on campus, and the use of tobacco products is prohibited in all college buildings.
  9. All contracts between the college and outside entities that go beyond this Application for Use of Facilities must be approved in advance by the Attorney General’s Office.
  10. By signing these forms, I agree to indemnify and to hold the college harmless from any loss, damage, liability, expense, claim, or demand that may arise or be caused in any way by the use of the college facilities. For Virginia State Agencies: To the Extent permitted by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the using agency shall be responsible for the acts for omissions of its agents and employees causing harm to persons not a party to this contract. Nothing herein shall be deemed as an express or implied waiver of the sovereign immunity of the Commonwealth.

Application for Use of Facilities:

To apply for use of facilities, please fill out a return the Application for Use of Facilities

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