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Motorcycle Rider Training

Motorcycle Rider Training – Virginia Rider Training Program

Beginning Rider Course (MRC-RSS)

SWCC is certified to offer the Virginia Rider Training Program and is recognized by the Department of Motor Vehicles. We utilize The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course curriculum. The course will provide the basic entry-level skills for a new rider to begin practicing and developing the mental and motor skills important for safe street operation and introduce the fundamentals of safe, responsible motorcycling. It will also include the knowledge and skills that lead to licensing and motorcycle operation on the streets and highways.

Upon successfully passing the written test and the skills evaluation a participant will receive a M2 temporary 30-day license. Participants will need to take the temporary license to the DMV to get their M2 endorsement added to their license.

Classes are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. The schedule for motorcycle training will be posted on this page when set. For more information contact or call (276) 964-7244..

$173.00 – Virginia Residents

Note: Students must be able to ride a bicycle.


  • Motorcycles and Helmets (3/4 face DOT)


  1. Gloves: Full-fingered, made of leather or other material with resistance to abrasion
  2. Eye protection: Sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles or prescription glasses willsuffice
  3. Boots: Sturdy over-the-ankle to protect the ankles and feetwith little or no heel and no cloth or canvas
  4. Long pants: Denim is best or material of other equivalent durability
  5. Long sleeved shirt or jacket: Protection in the event of a fall or crash
  6. Helmets: DOT Three -quarter helmet is required if bringing your own three-quarter helmet it needs a shield or you need to have sun glasses
  7. Rain gear: Some type of jacket in case it rains
  8. Lunch for day 2 and day 3

***Students under 18 years of age will require written parental permission. A parent must attend the first class to sign MOTORCYCLE SAFETY COURSE WAIVER & INDEMNIFICATION
and provide written permission for students under the age of 18.