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Training Cohorts

Training Cohorts

train cohorts

How the new Training Cohort offerings can assist.

Are you or a member of your family below the poverty level or receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) or other government financial assistance/benefits?  

Are you looking for an opportunity to train or upskill for a higher paying job or career, and become a more desirable employee? 

If so, this cohort is for you.  Earn an industry credential or certification in weeks not years, while receiving important skills to increase your value as an employee.  Learn valuable job-seeking and interview skills, meet industry specific employers in the region, and much more. 

Not sure if you’ll qualify?  We have numerous other programs that you may qualify for if you don’t, so give us a call either way.  To learn more, fill out the Training Cohort Interest form or email


Training Cohort Interest

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