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Butterfly Families

Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia

Butterflies of Southwest Virginia





Lepidoptera:  Family Hesperiidae

Skippers      Photo Gallery
Scientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Ancyloxypha numitorLeast SkipperApril-OctoberR,T
Atalopedes campestrisSachemApril-DecemberR,T
Autochton cellusGolden Banded-Skipperlate April-late JulyB,T
Epargyreus clarusSilver-spotted Skippermid March-late OctoberB, R, T
Erynnis baptisiaeWild Indigo DuskywingMarch-OctoberR,T
Erynnis brizoSleepy Duskywingmid March-mid JuneT
Erynnis icelusDreamy Duskywingmid March-early JuneT
Erynnis juvenalisJuvenal’s Duskywingearly March-JuneB,R,T
Erynnis martialis Mottled Duskywingearly April-early AugustR,T
Erynnis persiusPersius Duskywinglate April-early JuneT
Euphyes vestris Dun Skippermid April-mid OctoberR,T
Hesperia sassacusIndian SkipperMay-early JulyT
Hylephila phyleusFiery SkipperMay-mid NovemberT
Poanes hobomokHobomok Skipperearly April-late JulyR
Poanes zabulon Zabulon SkipperApril-mid OctoberR,T
Polites origenesCrossline SkipperMay-mid OctoberT
Polites peckius Peck’s SkipperApril-mid OctoberR,T
Polites themistoclesTawny-edged SkipperMay-mid SeptemberR
Pompeius vernaLittle Glassywinglate May-early OctoberT
Thorybes bathyllus Southern CloudywingMay-AugustB, T
Thorybes pyladesNorthern CloudywingApril-AugustT
Thymelicus lineolaEuropean SkipperJune-JulyT
Urbanus proteusLong-tailed Skipperlate June-early NovemberT
Wallengrenia egeremetNorthern Broken-Dashmid May-early OctoberT

Lepidoptera:  Family Papilionidae

Swallowtails     Photo Gallery
Scientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Battus philenor Pipevine Swallowtaillate April-late JulyB,D,R,T
Eurytides marcellus Zebra Swallowtailmid June-late SeptemberR,T
Papilio cresphontesGiant Swallowtail early May-late SeptemberR
Papilio glaucusEastern Tiger Swallowtaillate February-early NovemberB,D,R,T
Papilio polyxenesBlack Swallowtailmid March-mid OctoberR,T
Papilio troilusSpicebush Swallowtailmid March-early OctoberB,R,T

Lepidoptera:  Family Pieridae

Whites and Sulphurs     Photo Gallery
Scientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Anthocharis mideaFalcate Orangetipearly March – mid MayT
Colias eurythemeOrange Sulphurmid February-early DecemberB,D,R,T
Colias philodice Clouded Sulphurlate January-mid DecemberR,T
Euchloe olympiaOlympia Marbleearly April-mid MayR
Phoebis sennaeCloudless Sulphurlate March-early DecemberR,T
Pieris rapaeCabbage Whiteearly June-late OctoberB,R,T
Pieris virginiensisWest Virginia Whitelate March-early JuneR
Ponitia protodiceCheckered White early June-late OctoberR

Lepidoptera:  Family Lycaenidae

Gossamer-wing Butterflies     Photo Gallery
Scientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Calycopis cecropsRed-banded Hairstreakearly April-late OctoberB, T
Celastrina ladon Spring Azuremid February-early JuneT
Celastrina neglectaSummer Azureearly March-early October, early DecemberR, T
Celastrina neglectamajor Appalachian Azurelate April-mid AugustT
Cupido comyntas Eastern Tailed-Blueearly April-late OctoberB, R, T
Glaucopsyche lygdamusSilvery Bluemid March-late MayB
Lycaena phlaeasAmerican Coppermid March-Mid OctoberT
Satyrium calanusBanded Hairstreakearly May-mid AugustT
Satyrium liparopsStriped Hairstreakearly June-late JulyT
Strymon melinusGray Hairstreaklate February-late OctoberR, T

Lepidoptera:  Family Riodinidae

ThumbnailScientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Calephelis borealis Northern Metalmarklate April-mid AugustR,T

Lepidoptera:  Family Nymphalidae

Brush-footed Butterflies     Photo Gallery
Scientific Name Common NameFlight PeriodCounty
Asterocampa clytonTawny Emperorlate May – early SeptemberR
Boloria bellona Meadow Fritillarymid March-mid NovemberT
Cercyonic pegalaCommon Wood-Nymph late May-early OctoberB
Chlosyne nycteis Silvery Checkerspotearly April-mid OctoberB,R,T
Cyllopsis gemmaGemmed Satyrlate March-mid OctoberT
Danaus plexippusMonarchearly April-late NovemberD,R,T
Enodia anthedon Northern Pearly-eyelate May-mid OctoberT
Euptoieta claudia Variegated Fritillaryearly April-late NovemberR,T
Hermeuptychia sosybiusCarolina Satyrearly April-late OctoberB, D, R
Junonia coenia Common Buckeyemid April-late NovemberR,T
Libytheana carinentaAmerican Snoutlate March – late SeptemberT
Limenitis archippusViceroyearly May – late OctoberT
Limenitis arthemis ‘astyanax’‘Astyanax’ Red-spotted Purple or White Admiralearly April-late OctoberB, R, T
Nymphalis antiopa Mourning Cloakmid February-mid NovemberT
Phyciodes tharosPearl Crescentmid March-mid NovemberR,T
Polygonia comma Eastern Commaearly March-mid NovemberB,R,T
Polygonia interrogationis Question Markearly February-late NovemberT
Polygonia progneGray Commamid May-late July, early September-mid SeptemberT
Satyrodes appalachia Appalachian Brownearly May-mid SeptemberT
Speyeria aphroditeAphrodite Fritillarylate May-early NovemberB,D,R,T
Speyeria cybeleGreat Spangled Fritillaryearly May-early DecemberR,T
Speyeria dianaDiana Fritillaryearly June-early OctoberB,D,T
Speyeria idalia Regal Fritillaryearly July-late July, early SeptemberB,R,T
Vanessa atalantaRed Admiralmid March-late OctoberB,R,T
Vanessa carduiPainted Ladymid March-early DecemberT
Vanessa virginiensis American Ladymid March-early DecemberR,T

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