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CQ Researcher

Use CQ Researcher to find original, comprehensive reporting, and analysis of issues in the news.  CQ Researcher is noted for its in-depth, unbiased coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy.  The CQ Researcher, Plus Archive offers access to reports extending as far back as 1923.  It can be used to study how these topics have changed over time.

The CQ Researcher online is both a tool for selecting a topic to research and a comprehensive resource for exploring that topic.  To start your topic search, consider the resent CQ Researcher reports listed on the CQ Researcher home page, or browse through the list of “Hot Topics.”  You can also search by keywords in the dialogue box.

Each CQ Researcher online report is based on a common structure.  The opening section, or “Overview,” introduces the issue under consideration and poses one or more questions such as, “Should minors who commit adult crimes be tried as adults?”  The report then offers a “Background.” which provides a history of the issue, including pertinent policy and legal decisions.  Under the heading “Current Situation,” the report provides a snapshot of the issue at the time of publication and, in “Outlook,” the report’s writer offers a projection of what the future may bring.  The “Pro/Con” section brings together statements from representatives of opposing positions on the issue.  To offer yet other perspectives, the report includes an “Issue Tracker” sidebar on other dimensions of the issue.  The “Chronology” section offers a list of key events in the issue’s history.

CQ Researcher is designed to provide multiple points of access to CQ Researcher reports.  You may:

  • Select from the current or recent reports on the Home page.
  • Find your topic in the section titled “Hot Topics,” which lists short reports on CQ Researcher’s most popular subjects.
  • Search by keyword, with the Quick Search on the Home page or using a number of delimiters in the Advanced Search page.
  • Browse by topic, which is similar to using the index at the back of a book.
  • Browse by Date of publication, accessing reports from 1923 to the present.

CQ Researcher can also accessed in the Library Resources Alphabetical list as well as the Periodicals link on the SWCC Library home page.

Sometimes a CQ Researcher report will be found during a search in the SWCC Online Library Catalog.  If this happens, access the report from the hyperlink given in the External Link column of the Catalog results list.  The hypertext link for a CQ Researcher report will include the wording {Link available to VCCS users only}.

See the MLA and APA citation pages for information on how to create a citation for CQ Researcher reports.  The CQ Researcher also includes a helpful citation generator from its “CiteNow!” link.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Opposing Viewpoints In Context is one of the premier databases covering today’s hottest social issues, from Offshore Drilling to Climate Change, Heath Care to Imigration.  It helps students develop critical-thinking and information literacy skills by bringing together a variety of information on social issues.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context organizes thousands of Viewpoint and reference articles, statistics, newspaper and magazine articles, images, primary source documents, and Web sites by source type so students can easily navigate through the content.

A default search appears on the Opposing Viewpoints main page, and students can simply click on a desired topic from the subjects listed.  Subject areas include Business and Economics; Energy and Environmentalism; Health and Medicine; Law and Politics; National Debate Topics; Science, Technology and Ethics; Society and Culture; and War and Diplomacy. You may also search the Opposing  Viewpoints database by searching for key words, such as; “stem cell research” AND ethics.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is one of the first places to go to search for information on both sides of an issue.

Literature Resources

Literature Online–LION is a library of more than 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama and prose.  382 full-text literature journals, and other key criticism and reference resources.  (ProQuest)

The Literature Resource from Gale provides access to biographies, bibliographies and critical analysis of authors from every literary time period and discipline.  It combines information from Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Literary Criticism, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Twayne’s Author Series, and Scribner Writer Series, with articles from literary journals.  (Gale)

The MLA International Bibliography database provides citations to over two million books and articles on: literature, literary theory & criticism, language & linguistics, folklore, dramatic arts, film, and new media.  It contains fully searchable table of contents for book monographs; electronic books, journals, and scholarly web sites. (ProQuest)

Note: Individual links for the Opposing Viewpoints In Context and the Literature Resource Center are also located here.

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