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Latest Past Events

Writing an Effective Capabilities Statement

Your capabilities statement is your company’s resume. It is often the first contact you will have with Procurement Decision Makers. If your capabilities statement is the best way to get your foot in the door, wouldn't you want it to provide your company’s information in the best, most efficient way? This session defines what a

Project Spectrum – What Small Businesses Need to Know About CMMC

This virtual webinar will provide information to businesses concerning cybersecurity. What do businesses need to do to become cybersecurity certified. Why is it important to obtain cybersecurity certification? The presenter will be Mr. Derrick T. Davis, Director for Industrial Cyber Security for the Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP).

Generate Leads Using eVA- Workshop #2

This advanced workshop is the 2nd in our series & focuses on lead generation. This hands-on session explores the public transparency tools available on the eVA website, including the Report & Resource Center and the new “power” search. You’ll learn how to identify buyers who are buying what you sell, determine prices being paid for

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