You will find a veteran-friendly atmosphere at Southwest. We are committed to working with our veterans and assisting them in broadening their education.

The College has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for payment of veteran benefits. Any veteran eligible for educational benefits under the various public laws may receive these benefits at the College. Training time for degree programs is computed as follows:

12 or more semester hours = full time benefits
9 to 11 semester hours = three quarter time benefits
6 to 8 semester hours = one half time benefits

Information and assistance regarding veterans’ benefits may be obtained from;

Donna Price
Veterans Certifying Official
Student Development Services
Tazewell Hall, Room T104

Veterans will be required to furnish documents such as discharge records, family status legal records (divorce, marriage, birth, and health certificates) or other Veterans Administration (VA) eligibility forms to be certified for VA educational benefits. Some forms must be acquired through the VA, but the Veterans Affairs Certifying Official of the College has many of the necessary forms.

For information concerning the new Post – 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 (Chapter 33) benefits see the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website:  and The Defense Department website:

For additional information about The Post – 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 see this Brochure (pdf)

College policy concerning veteran certification: Veterans will be certified only for courses which apply directly to the educational objective (certificate, diploma, or degree); acceptable elective courses must meet the division chairperson’s approval; students cannot be certified for courses not in the curriculum. The Veterans Affairs Certifying Official will verify that each veteran is only certified for approved courses each semester.

Also, the veteran must advise the Office of Veterans Affairs each semester of the classes in which he/she are enrolled or if he/she make any changes to their enrollment.

Developmental classes must precede required courses (e. g., ENG 01 before ENG 101 or ENG 111; MTH 03 before MTH 115, etc.). Developmental courses may be repeated one time.


            Veterans who are eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill, Chapter 30 must verify their attendance on the last calendar day of each month. Verification may be submitted on-line at or by calling 1.877.823.2378 and following the instructions. Excessive absences may jeopardize continued receipt of VA benefits.

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