Distance Learning & Instructional Technology


Communicate with your instructor and/or the Distance Learning staff regularly, and at the earliest sign of trouble.
communicate with ddlAccess immediate help by connecting  with one of our Advisers.
If you are getting behind, or need help, let us know as soon as possible so we can work with you.
Our goal is to help you succeed in any way we can. Distance Learning at Southwest is READY WHEN YOU ARE!

Connect with us if you need help learning how to use Canvas, or have any questions about what is expected of you in your distance courses.

ready for onlineUse this Online Readiness Survey to get an idea of your readiness for Distance Learning courses.


Download the ONLINE STUDENT MANUAL for detailed instructions on accessing/using online resources

Once you have accessed your course through Canvas, familiarize yourself with the course page to locate your syllabus and course due dates. Your course may incorporate streaming media, which contains videos where you will gain information similar to if you were listening to a lecture in a face-to-face classroom. The Canvas course page will also indicate if you are required to contact the Distance Learning office to obtain any supplemental materials.

Note that currently all testing is done remotely. Contact your instructor for course specific instructions on testing remotely.

Problems with a Course?

1. Remember that instructors have until the first day of class to make the course available to students, so be patient.

If it is past the first day of class and you still cannot see the Canvas content, remember that it may take up to 2 days from your registration until the course will show in your class list.


  • Verify that you are registered correctly in the course by checking your class list in MYSouthwest, and then checking with the instructor by looking up their contact information in the Faculty Directory.
  • During the course, if you have any technical difficulties, the first thing to do is notify your instructor. In addition, contact the Distance Learning office to obtain assistance and make sure that you do not fall behind in your coursework. Contact hours and information for our offices is listed on this page.

2. Get on a schedule!  It is very easy to get behind because of the flexibility of a Distance Learning course.
3. Frequent the Canvas page for your course for announcements, study guides or other supplemental materials.
4. Take advantage of the Student Resources that are available to help you with tutoring, financial hardship or other areas impacting your academic work.