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Student Success


Our Student Success Advisors will assist you with clarifying your program of study, completing any career exploration needed, and determining the correct level of English and math you are ready for. In addition, they will explain any additional steps required if you know that you want to apply for a competitive program, such as Nursing, Practical Nursing, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Radiography, Administration of Justice, and Emergency Medical Services Technology. Visit the Health Technologies page for program information and application forms.

All students have a lifetime limit on the number of college credits that can be paid for via federal financial aid. To avoid using up credits on courses that don’t advance your educational goals, connecting with a Student Success Advisor is critical.

Leslie BrooksAdvisor, Student
Leah CallAdvisor, Student
Beth GianatoTutorial
Emily GoodmanAdvisor, Student
Lisa HaywoodCoordinator of
Christopher HessAdvisor, Student
Mike HenryDirector of Student Support
Runie MenscheAdvisor, Student
Denise MillerGreat Expectations
Susie MullinsTransfer
Kendra MutterAdvisor, Student
Marsha SparksAdvisor, Student
Valerie StantonRetention

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