SWCC is guided by steadfast core values. As a community of educators we value:

• Student Centered Learning – SWCC believes that students are the primary reason we exist and our purpose is to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.
• Student Success – SWCC recognizes the potential in individuals and assists them in obtaining their highest level of attainment.
• Excellence – SWCC strives for excellence in instruction and service through rigorous academic and professional standards.
• Inclusiveness & Collaboration – SWCC reaches out to the communities and partners it serves, supporting and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Academic Divisions

Dr. Robert Brandon, Vice President, Academic and Student Services, 276.964.7200

Business, Engineering & Industrial Technology Division Site

James Dye

Dean James Dye

James E. Dye, Jr., Dean


Davis Hall, DA227

Phone: 276.964.7278

Fax: 276.964.7285


Health Technology, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Social Sciences Division Site

Cathy Smith-Cox

Dean Cathy Smith-Cox


Cathy Smith-Cox, Dean


Russell Hall, R122

Phone: 276.964.7340

Academic Support

swcc dyan lester

Dean Dyan Lester

 Dyan Effler Lester

Dean of Student Success
Director of Distance Learning & Instructional Technology

Buchanan Hall Room 160
Phone: 276.964.7677

Student Services
Distance Learning Media Center & Electronic Classrooms Information Site


Dr. Teresa Yearout

Teresa A. Yearout

Coordinator of Library Services

The Library Site

Dellinger Hall Room 209
Phone: 276.964.7266


Christina Rimmer

Christina Rimmer

Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Dual Enrollment

Tazewell Hall Room 339
Phone: 276.964.7246

Dual Enrollment Information

Off-Campus Locations Information


Dr. Ed Smith

Dr. Ed Smith

Institutional Research & Assessment Officer

Tazewell Hall T340
Phone: 276.964.7338

College & Regional Data website