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Faculty & Staff

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QEPCover Academic Assessment & the Quality Enhancement Plan

provides a web repository for materials related to Southwest Virginia Community College’s current Quality Enhancement Plan, The Tortoise and the Hare: Thinking Slowly to Think Quickly and SWCC’s revised academic program assessment plan.


Congratulations to Tammy Austin the Professional Support Staff Employee of the Month for July.

Previous Winners:

2018-2019 PSSA Employee of the Month Recipients

July - Tammy Austin
June - Edna Sizemore
May - Judy Yost
April - Lindsay Salyers
March - Chief Jerry Stinson
February - Donna Price
January - Whitney Horne
December - Courtney Wyatt
November - Mandy Barrett
October - Kristy Israel
September - Connie Harris
August -Matthew Thompson

2017-18 PSSA Employee of the Month Recipients
Stacey McGhee is the 2017-18 Employee of the Year. Congratulations Stacey!

July - Jacky Rakes
June - Amanda Osborne
May - Brandon Walls
April - Teresa Thompson
March - Stacey McGhee
February - Rhonda Vandyke
January - Melissa Stiltner
December - Mandy Barrett
November - Chris Reynolds
October - Angie Miller
September - Barry Cook
August - Jacky Rakes

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Contact information & published policies and procedures are located on the Business Office page.

Assistance with Office365
Contact Charles Musick at Ext. 7647 or Preston Ball at Ext. 7767 OR submit a ticket to the Helpdesk.

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