Inclement Weather

Weather Closing & Delay Status

Temporary Revision to Inclement Weather Policies and Procedures

As the College moves into the winter months, the likelihood of schedule disruptions due to inclement weather are greatly increased.  Current policies and procedures are listed on this page.

Because of the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on employee and student schedules temporary adjustments have been made to this plan and are described below:

Classroom Schedules: Any announcements made that adjust class meeting schedules apply only to those courses that are meeting on campus. The current policies will govern students and faculty in those courses.  Faculty and students engaged in an online course may continue with the established course schedules.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for those who encounter utility disruptions caused by the weather event.

College Employees:  Any announcements made that adjust work schedules apply only to employees whose assignment requires them to be on campus. Those employees should contact their supervisors to see if alternative work arrangements are required.  All employees who are currently teleworking should work as normal.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for staff who encounter utility disruptions caused by the weather event.

For any COVID-19 related change in status of college classes & events please refer to COVID-19 messages

Current status information is available from a recorded message at 276.964.2555, on social media, through text/email message signup on and on your local TV station weather announcements.

Weather Related Schedule Changes

Employees who are teleworking and students attending ONLINE classes should continue with their established work and course schedules.

Main Campus Day Classes — Regular Schedule
Night Classes — Regular Schedule
Off-Campus Day Classes – Regular Schedule
Off-Campus Night Classes — Regular Schedule
Status above includes: Booth Center, Bluefield Center, Lebanon Center and the Southern Gap Transportation & Logistics Center.
Refresh page for most recent updates.

As soon as the decision regarding Southwest’s operating changes due to inclement weather is made, the information will be posted with:

1. Southwest’s homepage
2. Social Media
3. Text/email status alert sent to those who are signed up with the Southwest Alert system at
4. Campus Switchboard at (276)964-2555, and Toll Free in Service Region (800)822-7822 (recorded message).

County Schools Announcements*

Buchanan County Schools, Dickenson County Schools, Russell County Schools, Tazewell County Schools

*Link to appropriate county school site above to determine schedule changes if night classes held at county high schools. If county schools are closed, there will be no classes at those sites. If the college is open, no matter what the county school situation is, evening classes will be held at the Bluefield Center, Lebanon Center, Southern Gap Transportation and Logistics Center and the Booth Center.

On days when inclement weather or other emergencies threaten area highway conditions, SWCC officials maintain close telephone contact with highway maintenance personnel, State Police, SWCC bus drivers, and with College Administration. If, in the judgment of the College administration, conditions justify a decision to close or to operate on a late schedule, the announcement will be posted as soon as possible.

If the decision is made to close the College due to road conditions, where possible, the announcement will specify whether or not all classes – day, night, main campus, off-campus locations, off-campus school locations – are included.

Students with individual transportation problems related to weather conditions should meet with instructors upon their return to SWCC to make up any work missed if classes were held.

When the College operates on late schedule, offices open at 9:45 AM and classes meet as shown on the grid below beginning at 10:00 AM. On days when classes meet on a late schedule, buses will depart at 5:00 PM (Monday – Thursday).


1 8:00- 9:15 10:00-11:00
2 9:25-10:40 11:10-12:10
3 10:50-12:05 12:20-1:20
4 12:15-1:30 1:30-2:30
5 1:40-2:55 2:40-3:40
6 3:05-4:20 3:50-4:50
7 *4:30-5:45 *5:00-6:00



1 8:00-9:15 10-00-11:00
2 9:25 -10:40 11:10-12:10
3 10:50-12:05 12:20-1:20
Activity Period 12:10-1:05 1:25 -1:55
4 *1:10 -2:25 *2:00 -3:00
5 2:35-3:50 3:10 – 4:10
6 4:00-5:15 4:20 – 5:20

Testing Center – When the College is on a late schedule, testing will begin at 10:00 am. If the College is closed for the day or closes early, please reschedule by contacting the Testing Center at or 276-964-7279.

Off-campus locations at schools across the region – The decision to close or to go on late schedule is based solely upon the inclement weather schedule decided upon by the individual school system.

Night Classes – The inclement weather schedule for night classes depends upon whether the classes are being held at an off-campus center or at a school location (see above).  If the decision is made to operate day classes on a late schedule, night classes will meet on a regular schedule unless otherwise announced. There is no late schedule for night classes – they will either begin at the regularly scheduled time or, if conditions require, will be cancelled. If night classes are cancelled only (conditions develop in the afternoon) the notice of night class cancellation will be posted as early in the afternoon as possible.

Since weather conditions often vary throughout the region served by the College, students should NOT assume that any decision which must be made by SWCC will always be the same as that made by the county school system in which the student lives.