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Southwest Educational Foundation Student Housing

Student Housing

We are as excited as you are about student housing project brought to you by the Southwest Virginia Community College Educational Foundation.

If you are a student at Southwest who would like to rent one of the units, complete the Rental Application form.

See the FAQ's below or contact Victor Scott for information regarding the Student Housing units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the complex located?

Directly across the street from the campus near the entrance to the King Community Center

What is the style of the units?

The initial housing should consist of 3-story units for up to 48 students.

Will they be furnished?

The units will come with kitchen appliances and a washer/dryer but will NOT include other furnishings.

How many units will be available?

The Southwest Virginia Community College Educational Foundation has approved and provided funding that will allow for this construction. We hope the student demand is such that we can secure another round of funding from our foundation to build more units.

Who is allowed to rent/live in these units?

These units will be available to all SWCC students.

How will each house/unit be assigned?

Two students will be assigned to each bedroom. The units will be assigned in a single gender fashion where/when possible, but with private beds/baths, it is likely there will be units where females and males will be assigned in the same house.

Is parking available?

Parking spaces will be provided at/near each house

May I sublease?


Will there be rules?

Just like any other apartment complex and rental agreement, there will be written rules and standards that if not followed can result in eviction.

What about utilities?

Sewage, water, electricity, and internet will be included in the monthly rent. The utilities will be metered at each unit and will be subject to additional charges should there be excess usage.

What does it cost?

The monthly cost will be per person for a 12-month lease.

When will the units be available?

Groundbreaking is set for February 8 for the initial housing available in Fall 2022. Additional units will be completed and available at a later date.

Will I get a space?

We anticipate these units will be highly desirable and we are now starting to compile an interest list to better determine just how much interest we do have. However, with only 60 total spaces, we anticipate we'll not be able to accommodate every student that is interested. In the coming weeks, we'll determine the selection method that will be used in determining who will occupy the spaces, but the first step is to certainly get your name on the interest list.

Are there other rental options in the area?

Yes, please visit for a list of local rental options.

Contact Victor Scott