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Parking & Bus Service

Students who are new to SWCC must apply and register for classes. During this process only, you are a visitor and may park in Visitor Parking. Once registered, you must then park in the Student parking lots. Download Campus Map (jpg)

Find out where the Student Parking lots and restricted lots are located.

Four County Transit Bus Service

Visit the Four County Transit website at for the most current schedules and more information.

Buses are provided by Four County Transit and will arrive by 7:45 am and depart SWCC at 4:30 pm from the turnaround in front of Dellinger and Tazewell Halls. Before departure, students are asked to wait in the Ratliff Commons area where they can stay warm and still visibly see the bus.

All bus stops and times are subject to change; however, all changes will be posted on Four County Transit’s website

Please allow ten (10) minutes before and after each stop. All questions regarding the buses should be directed to Four County Transit at 276-963-1486 or 888-656-2272.

Please contact Four County Transit to let them know of your intentions to ride the bus. Questions concerning bus transportation may also be directed to SWCC’s Admissions Office at 276-964-2555 or

Parking Areas & Parking Fine

Refer to the Campus Map to find the location of classrooms and student parking lots.

Student parking in areas as indicated.

  • Lot 1 – Off main entrance at Marquee- student parking throughout.
  • Lot 2 – West end near Dickenson Hall – student parking west of Barricade
  • Lot 3 – East end behind Buchanan Hall – student parking east of barricade
  • Lot 7 – King Hall – student parking in the lot north of King Hall
  • Lot 8 – Recreational Complex – student parking throughout

Parking on a first-come basis in all parking areas except a) handicapped spaces b) visitors c) reserved


  1. Parking in any undesignated area, including occupying more than one designated space.
  2. Parking in Handicapped Parking Spaces without a state-issued Handicapped Parking Permit.
  3. Parking in any area designated Visitor, Reserved, Assigned, or Restricted without proper authorization.


Parking Ticket fines can be paid in the Cashier’s Office.

  1. Any vehicle found to be in violation of regulations is subject to a fine.  If not paid within ten working days the fine will double.  If not paid in 25 days the matter will be resolved by the appropriate Dean or turned over to the Business Office for proper collection.
  2. If you feel that you have received a ticket in error, it is your responsibility to contact the Campus Police Office as soon as possible (bring the ticket with you) so the matter can be resolved.
  3. Repeat offenses may result in campus parking privileges being suspended or disciplinary action.
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Davis Hall is temporarily closed for repairs. Day & night classes in Davis Hall are canceled on April 17 & 18.