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Dual Enrollment at SWCC

Parent & Student Information

Dual enrollment at SWCC provides high school students with an opportunity to get a head start on their college education. Students can take college-level courses that meet both high school and college requirements. This unique program allows students to shorten their time to college graduation and save on the cost of college-level courses.

If you have questions about dual enrollment at SWCC or need more information, contact:
Christina Rimmer, Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Dual Enrollment
OfficeTazewell Hall Room 339, Phone: 276-964-7246,

Download the Dual Enrollment Admission Policy

Download the Dual Enrollment Class Listing by County

Why should students participate in Dual Enrollment?

  • Dual enrollment provides many benefits to both vocational- and college-bound high school students.
  • Students get a jump on college which often translates into earlier college graduation.
  • Students and their parents save on course tuition when compared to regular tuition at a community college. The savings are even greater when compared to public and private four-year institutions.
  • Dual enrollment courses transfer to the majority of Virginia’s four-year colleges and universities.
  • Students get exposure to working at the college level and begin developing the skills needed to succeed later in their academic careers.

What will Dual Enrollment cost?

Dual enrollment students receive a tuition discount.  Due to federal regulations, high school students are not eligible for financial aid.

The student’s parent/guardian must sign the Dual Enrollment Permission form and return it to the High School Principal. Download a Dual Enrollment Permission Form

Dual Enrollment vs. Advanced Placement Courses

Each year many students take advantage of Advanced Placement (AP) courses to bolster their GPA. However, a great number of students fail to take the AP exam, which is required if the course credits are to be counted at the college level.

Dual Enrollment’s advantage is that no “all or nothing” comprehensive exam is required. Students earning a C or above can automatically transfer those credits to a participating college or university.

Special Honors for Dual Enrolled Students

Students pursuing an Advanced Studies Diploma can attain additional recognition with a special Governor’s Seal. This honor applies to students with a 3.0 GPA or better, who earn an Advanced Studies Diploma and successfully complete one AP or college-level course.

Students may also achieve honors as an Early College Scholar by concurrently completing 15 credit hours of college-level work while finishing high school.

Dual Enrollment – Administrators & Instructors

SWCC accepts all credits earned from dual enrollment into appropriate programs of study at the college. Credits for dual enrollment will generally be accepted by four-year colleges and universities. However, every institution of higher education determines which courses it will accept for transfer credit.

Dual Enrollment Placement Policy

Effective March 19, 2012

Southwest Virginia Community College requires all dual-enrollment students to meet the same placement criteria as on-campus students.   If a course has a prerequisite or requires a placement test, the dual enrollment student will be required to take the same applicable test.

Dual enrollment courses are offered to rising juniors and seniors with the exception of a select few sophomores who have permission from their principal to take courses in their specific career pathway.

Title IX Training

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