Financial & Administrative Services

Division of Financial & Administrative Services

Our offices are committed to providing outstanding service & support to our college community, students, faculty & staff.

Campus Bookstore

Kathy Wright, Manager,  Phone: 276.964.7217, Buchanan Hall, Room B-180

Business Office

Please visit the Business Office webpage for policies and procedures regarding Shared Services .

Michael Bales, Business Manager, Phone: 276.964.7323

Lee Anne Addison, Accounts Payable, 276.964.7321
Aretha Mitchell, Travel/Local Funds, 276.964.7515
Betty Mitchell, Accounts Receivable, 276.964.7324
Lindsay Salyers, Grants Accountant, 276.964.7326
Donna Bumgarner, Administrative and Office Specialist/Cashier -276-964-7367
Jessica Ellis, Administrative and Office Specialist/Cashier-276-964-7219

Campus Police

Chief Justin McCulley, 276.964.7603

Scott Jordan, Law Enforcement Office I, 276.964.7221
Michael Stiltner, Law Enforcement Officer I, 276.964.7221

Call 9-911 (for emergency, life-threatening situations) or call 9-988-5970 which connects you with the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office
Help Line – 4357 Or contact any uniformed campus police officer.
SWCC Campus Police Officers have:
Full police authority within the jurisdiction of the SWCC campus and off-campus locations leased for College sponsored events under Virginia law (Campus Police Act, Title 23, Chapter 17, Sections 23-232 through 23-238 of the Code of VA).

SWCC Campus Police Officers may:
• Stop and question persons suspected of an activity that violates college, state or federal laws.
• Make arrests and use appropriate force to uphold the law, preserve life and protect property.

Information Technology

Charles Musick – Information Technology Manager I/Telecommunications Coordinator

Brandon Walls, Network Administrator, 26.964.7547
Preston Ball, Computer Repair & Servicing, 276.964.7767
Jennifer Hale, Peoplesoft/Surveys/Security, 276.964.7295

Part-Time Employees:

Matthew Thompson, Engineering Tech, CISO, 276.964.7646
Zachary Lane, Help Desk Technician, 276.964.7604

IT Service Level Agreements

SLA Data Communications

SLA Installation and Repair

SLA Telecommunications

Notice: IT Service Change Form must be completed by an employee’s supervisor and submitted to HR for approval to add, change or remove IT services for employees when hired, changing job roles, or leaving employment with SWCC.

Facilities – Physical Plant, Room P-106, 276.964.7214

Tony McGhee, Facilities Manager/Maintenance, 276.964.7648

Jerry Harris, Trades Tech, Motor Pool
Jimmy Barrett, Trades Tech, HVAC
Laura Lynch, Administrative Specialist III
Housekeeping Staff: Mark Burnette