Scholarships at SWCC

Please check back for information regarding applications for the 2015-2016 Scholarship award year. Read through the information on this page so you will know what to expect when the Scholarship Application is opened for the 2015-2016 Award Year.

This page provides information regarding deadlines, eligibility criteria & application process for the SWCC Institutional & Foundation Scholarships.

QUESTIONS? Contact Susan Lowe, Office Telephone: 276.964.7304, K-209
Email Address:
Mailing Address: ATTN: Susan Lowe, SWCC Educational Foundation, Inc., Southwest Virginia Community College, PO Box SVCC, Richlands, Virginia 24641-1101
Additional Contact: Stacey McGhee, 276.964.7351, K-209,
SWCC Eligibility Criteria & Application Process

General criteria for SWCC Institutional & Foundation Scholarship awards:

1- You must complete all SWCC admission requirements which include
–Completion of college application
–Selection of a Program of study during application (required for Financial Aid)
–Completion of assessment tests as indicated

2- To be considered for a Scholarship award you must complete the FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) online at (SWCC’s code – 007260)

3- All students with a 2.5 GPA or greater are encouraged to apply for scholarships. However, some scholarships do accept lower GPAs.

Application Process for SWCC Institutional & Foundation Scholarship awards:

Step 1. If you are out of high school and have attended SWCC your high school transcript is NOT required. Otherwise your high school transcript is required. Download and print the High School Transcript Request and submit it to your high school with a request that the transcript be directed to the attention of Stacey McGhee.

Step 2. ESSAY TOPICS FOR 2015-16 –  To be announced

Your essay is an extremely important factor in the selection process and is required to be submitted with your scholarship application. Please put forth your very best effort. New this year: You will be prompted to enter your essay content into your online application before you submit.

Step 3. Complete the online scholarship application (opening soon for 2015-2016).

Each scholarship details any specific eligibility criteria within its listing. Based on your application responses, the Scholarship office will match you with scholarships for which you meet the criteria and you will be automatically considered for all scholarships in the Foundation & Institutional Scholarship listing for which you qualify.

Step 4. Download, print and complete the 2015-2016 Special Scholarships Application (available soon) to apply for scholarships which require signatures or other supporting documentation.

Check all the special scholarships you qualify for, providing all the detailed information requested, such as any required names and/or signatures. This document and related items must be physically mailed to the address on the application.


Note: Scholarships awarded for 2015-16 go into effect in the Fall of 2015.
Information about scholarships can also be found online at the Virginia Education Wizard.

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