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Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia






Species list will be updated soon.

Kingdom Animalia:Phylum Chordata: Class Actinopterygii: Order Cypriniformes

ThumbnailFamilyScientific NameCommon NameCounty
CatostomidaeCatostomus commersoniiWhite SuckerR,T
CatostomidaeHypentelium nigricansNorthern Hog SuckerR,T
CatostomidaeMoxostoma duquesneiiBlack RedHorseR,T
CentrarchidaeAmbloplites rupestrisRock BassR,T
CentrarchidaeLepomis auritusRedbreast SunfishR,T
CentrarchidaeLepomis macrochirusBluegillT
CentrarchidaeMicropterus dolomieuSmallmouth BassR,T
CottidaeCottus carolinaeBanded SculpinR,T
CyprinidaeCampostoma anomalumCentral StonerollerR
CyprinidaeClinostomus funduloidesRosyside daceT
CyprinidaeCyprinella galacturaWhitetail ShinerR,T
CyprinidaeCyprinella spilopteraSpotfin shinerT
CyprinidaeHybopsis amblopsBigeye ChubR,T
CyprinidaeLuxilus chrysocephalusStriped shinerT
CyprinidaeLuxilus coccogenisWarpaint shinerT
CyprinidaeLythrurus lirusMountain shinerT
CyprinidaeNocomis micropogonRiver ChubR,T
CyprinidaeNotropis leuciodusTennessee ShinerR,T
CyprinidaeNotropis rubellusRosyface ShinerR
CyprinidaeNotropis sp.Sawfin shinerT
CyprinidaeNotropis spectrunculusMirror shinerT
CyprinidaeNotropis telescopusTelescope ShinerR,T
CyprinidaePimephales notatusBluntnose MinnowR,T
CyprinidaeRhinichthys atratulusBlacknose DaceR,T
CyprinidaeSemotilus atromaculatusCreek chubT
CyprinidaeCampostoma anomalumCentral stonerollerT
IctaluridaeAmeiurus natalisYellow BullheadR
PercidaeEtheostoma blennioidesGreenside DarterR,T
PercidaeEtheostoma flabellareFantail DarterR,T
PercidaeEtheostoma rufilineatumRedline DarterR,T
PercidaeEtheostoma simoterumTennessee Snubnose DarterR,T
PercidaeEtheostoma stigmaeumSpeckled darterT
PercidaeEtheostoma vulneratumWounded darterT
PercidaeEtheostoma zonaleBanded darterT
PercidaePercina burtoniBlotchside logperchT
SalmonidaeSalmo truttaBrown troutT


Pinder, M., and J.W. Jones. 2000. Species composition and biotic condition of the fish community of Indian Creek, Tazewell County, Virginia. Banisteria 16:3-14.

Weaver, L. R., Pardue, G. B., & Neves, R. J. (1991). Reproductive biology and fish hosts of the Tennessee clubshell Pleurobema oviforme (Mollusca: Unionidae) in Virginia. American Midland Naturalist, 82-89.

Local photo documented observations.

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