Barbara Fuller

Dr. Barbara Fuller
Vice President of Academic and Student Services

SWCC is guided by steadfast core values. As a community of educators we value:

• Student Centered Learning – SWCC believes that students are the primary reason we exist and our purpose is to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.
• Student Success – SWCC recognizes the potential in individuals and assists them in obtaining their highest level of attainment.
• Excellence – SWCC strives for excellence in instruction and service through rigorous academic and professional standards.
• Inclusiveness & Collaboration – SWCC reaches out to the communities and partners it serves, supporting and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Academic Divisions

Business, Engineering & Industrial Technology Division Site

James Dye

Dean James Dye

James E. Dye, Jr., Dean


Davis Hall, DA227

Phone: 276.964.7278

Fax: 276.964.7285


Health Technology, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Social Sciences Division Site

Cathy Smith-Cox

Dean Cathy Smith-Cox


Cathy Smith-Cox, Dean


Russell Hall, R122

Phone: 276.964.7340

Academic Support

swcc dyan lester

Dean Dyan Lester

Dyan Effler Lester

Dean of Student Success
Director of Distance Learning & Instructional Technology

Buchanan Hall Room 160
Phone: 276.964.7677

Student Services
Distance Learning Media Center & Electronic Classrooms Information Site


Dr. Teresa Yearout

Teresa A. Yearout

Coordinator of Library Services

The Library Site

Dellinger Hall Room 209
Phone: 276.964.7266


Christina Rimmer

Christina Rimmer

Coordinator of Academic Outreach & Dual Enrollment

Tazewell Hall Room 339
Phone: 276.964.7246

Dual Enrollment Information

Off-Campus Locations Information


Dr. Ed Smith

Dr. Ed Smith

Institutional Research & Assessment Officer

Tazewell Hall T340
Phone: 276.964.7338

College & Regional Data website

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