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Emergency Grading Policy for Spring 2020

Academic Transcript

The Chancellor of Virginia’s Community Colleges (VCCS), Glen DuBois, announced late last month that a pass/no-pass grading policy would be implemented for Spring 2020 classes that had not ended by April 6, 2020.

With an eye toward equity and fairness, I am changing the way that we will be grading students who are taking Spring 2020 community college classes that have yet to conclude. This is among many steps we are taking in response to these extraordinary times.

Glenn DuBois

While the pass/no-pass grading scale is the default for the Spring 2020 semester, students do have the option to receive a traditional letter grade for all or only select courses.

Students were notified of the change by email on Monday, April 6, 2020. The message included a link to details about the Grading Policy as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

My hope in taking this step is that students will not be disadvantaged on their transcripts by a global pandemic that is beyond their control.

Glenn DuBois

Should a student choose to opt-out of the pass/no-pass grading scale, the decision is final. The deadline for submitting the opt-out form is May 7, 2020. The Southwest Virginia Community College Admissions Office is available to answer student questions at 276-964-7238.

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