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Student Research Highlighted

The Honors Program at Southwest Virginia Community College in collaboration with the Jereial B. Fletcher Undergraduate Research Series has completed two major academic showcases this month.

Twenty honors students presented their capstone projects for the campus community on Tuesday, April 2nd. This walk-through symposium event, held in Ratliff Commons, provided an interactive platform for students to engage with visitors, answer questions, and discuss their research projects. The topics covered illustrated the variety of academic interests and rigorous scholarly pursuits encouraged within the college’s Honors Program.

On Tuesday, April 9, science and health technologies Honor’s Program students showcased their research in oral presentations in the Jereial B. Fletcher Undergraduate Research Series, led by Kevin Stilwell. A particular focus was on the Honors Health Technologies students, who were presenting their research under the guidance of Dr. Bethany Rose. 

Mary Blankenship discussed “Knee Injuries in Female Athletes,” shedding light on a critical issue in sports medicine with Dr. Bethany Rose as her faculty mentor.

Shane J. Hughes presented “The Halo, PMPA: A Look Into Scatter Radiation,” also mentored by Dr. Rose, exploring essential aspects of radiation safety.

Caden Owens’ presentation on “The Importance of Medical Rotorcraft in Medical Deserts: Focus on Southwest Virginia” highlighted a vital healthcare logistics challenge, with Dr. Rose advising.

Drew Simmons tackled the pressing issue of overmedication in his presentation “You May be Taking More Drugs Than You Think,” under the mentorship of Dr. Ryan Dorkoski.

(Pictured L-R) Mary Blankenship, Caden Owens, Shane Hughes, Drew Simmons, Kevin Stillwell.
(Pictured L-R) Mary Blankenship, Caden Owens, Shane Hughes, Drew Simmons, Kevin Stillwell.

The Jereial B. Fletcher Undergraduate Research Series is held annually to honor our students and faculty mentors pursuing outstanding research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.  This event brings together the campus community in supportive recognition and understanding of the wide spectrum of research disciplines in which our students and faculty are involved.

Crowd gathered in classroom, listening to research presentation
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