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2024 Awards Day

Published on April 19th, 2024

Last modified April 19th, 2024 04:27 pm

The 2024 Awards Day Banquet was held at Southwest Virginia Community College on Thursday, April 18, 2024. The following students were recognized for their achievements.

Clubs & Organizations
Honors Participation

  • Mary Blankenship, Honors
  • Ryan Brown, Honors
  • Samuel Brown, Honors
  • Emily Carter, Honors
  • Emma Denver, Honors
  • Elija Elswick, Honors
  • Blake England, Honors
  • William England, Honors
  • Melissa Garrett, Honors
  • Jacob Gilliespie, Honors
  • Morghan Hampton, Honors
  • Landan Harris, Honors
  • Shane Hughes, Honors
  • Mally Jessee, Honors
  • Caleb Keene, Honors
  • Elijah Kiser, Honors
  • Ryan Lester, Honors
  • Madison Lingerfelt, Honors
  • Kelsey Messer, Honors
  • Caden Owens, Honors
  • Dannah Saylor, Honors
  • Benjamin Simmons, Honors
  • Skylar Vanover, Honors
  • Zoe Wright, Honors
Awards day group photo
2023-24 Honors College Members

Club Leadership & Initiative

  • Ryan Brown, Student Government Association
  • Samuel Brown, Student Government Association
  • Emma Denver, Student Government Association
  • Morgan Fuller, Nursing Club
  • Morgan Hale, Student Government Association
  • Leah Harrison, Student Government Association
  • Abagail Hughes, Student Government Association
  • Mally Jessee, Student Government Association
  • Rubyann Justus, Nursing Club
  • Anniston McGlothlin, Phi Theta Kappa
  • Kelsey Messer, Student Government Association
  • Christian Musick, Student Government Association
  • Joseph Rose, Robotics Club
  • Dannah Saylor, Student Government Association
  • Lauren Sword, Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA) Club
  • Alissa Whitt, Nursing Club
Awards day group photo
Abagail Hughes, Student Government Association, Leah Harrison, Student Government Association, Morgan Hale, Student Government Association, Emma Denver, Student Government Association, Samuel Brown, Student Government Association, Ryan Brown, Student Government Association (back) Dr. Tommy Wright, Dannah Saylor, Student Government Association, Christian Musick, Student Government Association, Kelsey Messer, Student Government Association, Mally Jessee, Student Government Association
Awards day group photo
Dr. Tommy Wright, Anniston McGlothlin, Phi Theta Kappa, Joseph Rose, Robotics Club, Alissa Whitt, Nursing Club

Awards for Excellence in Business, Engineering & Industrial Technology

Outstanding Achievement

  • Christian Bond, Business Administration
  • Daniel Dobbs, Electrical Installation
  • Tommy Gates, Advanced Manufacturing & Electrical-Electronics
  • Dorian Heifner, Engineering
  • Briar Lucas, HVAC Certificate Program
  • Jackson Mabry, Electrical-Electronics
  • Amber Montanez, Accounting
  • Christian Musick, Engineering
  • Gabriella Philips, HVAC Certificate Program
  • Victoria Poskas, Accounting
  • Gabriel Sparks, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Johan Willis, HVAC Certificate Program
Awards day group photo
(pictured L-R) Dr. Tommy Wright, Jackson Mabry, Electrical-Electronics, Christian Musick, Engineering, Dorian Heifner, Engineering, Tommy Gates, Advanced Manufacturing & Electrical-Electronics, Victoria Poskas, Accounting

Program Leadership & Service

  • Timothy Stout, Advanced Precision Machining

Dean’s Award

  • Isaac Griffith, Advanced Automotive Technology
  • Kendall Slate, Advanced Welding and Fabrication
Awards day group photo
(L-R) Dr. Tommy Wright, Kendall Slate, Advanced Welding and Fabrication, Isaac Griffith, Advanced Automotive Technology

Health Technologies

Most Earned Program Credentials

  • Kara Boyd, Nursing
  • Abriana Brown, Nursing
  • Madison Johnson, Nursing
Awards day group photo
(L-R) Dr. Tommy Wright, Madison Johnson, Nursing Kara Boyd, Nursing

Outstanding Achievement

  • Logan Asbury, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Jessey Ball, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Alisha Hafemeister, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Birdy Haynes, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Sommer Honaker, Radiography
  • Madison Keys, Nursing
  • Ethan Salyer, Radiography
  • Julia Shortt, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Emily Vaughn, Radiography
Awards day group photo
(L-R) Dr. Tommy Wright, Madison Keys, Nursing, Julia Shortt, Occupational Therapy Assistant,Birdy Haynes, Occupational Therapy AssistantEthan Salyer, Radiography, Sommer Honaker, Radiography

Dean’s Award

  • Jessey Ball, Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Madison Johnson, Nursing
Awards day group photo
Madison Johnson, Nursing, Dr. Tommy Wright


Cross Country

  • Lauren Keene, NJCAA Region 10 D3 Champion, NJCAA National Runner-Up, All American Team-2nd Place

Men’s Basketball

  • Timothy Jaden Lyles, Honorable Mention All-Region

Women’s Basketball

  • Madeline Day, Academic All-Region
  • Grace Hancock, Academic All-Region
  • Amber Kimberlin, Honorable Mention, Academic All-Region
  • Madison McClain, Academic All-Region
  • Paige Niethammer, First Team All-Region, Academic All-Region
  • Braylin Steele, Academic All-Region

Men’s Soccer

  • Xavier Cabada-Perry, All Region 2nd Team (Center Back)
  • Fahad Hussain, Honorable Mention (All-Region Player – Midfield)

Women’s Soccer

  • Jordanne Antoine, All Region Second Team (Right Back)
  • Jordan Chesser, Honorable Mention (Center Back)
  • Akailah Detton, All Region Second Team (Left Wing)
  • Tehya Hodge, Honorable Mention (Mid-fielder)
  • Amber Kimberlin, All Region Second Team (Wing)
  • Marleen Museler, All Region Second Team (Center Back)
  • Emma Starr, All Region Second Team (Goalkeeper)
Awards day group photo
Jordan Chesser, Jordanne Antoine, Xavier Cabada-Perry, Paige Niethammer, Amber Kimberlin, Lauren Keene (back)Dr. Tommy Wright, Emma Starr, Marleen Museler, Tehya Hodge, Akailah Detton

Arts & Sciences
Outstanding Achievement

  • Timothy Boyd, Human Services
  • John Buskill, Liberal Arts/Appalachian Studies
  • Cody Dolin, English
  • Audrey Duty, Criminal Justice
  • Caleb Fuller, Biology
  • Olivia Hale, Criminal Justice
  • Ashton Hess, Biology
  • Terrance Hubbard, Psychology
  • Ryan Lester, Biology
  • Brian Martinez, English
  • Hannah Moore, English
  • Keisha Morrison, Human Services
  • Jenna Rose, English
  • Barry Sargent, Biology
  • Tyler Stafford, General Studies
  • Kaylee Yates, Psychology
Awards day group photo
Olivia Hale, Criminal Justice, Barry Sargent, Biology, Caleb Fuller, Biology, Kaylee Yates, Psychology, Keisha Morrison, Human Services, Timothy Boyd, Human Services (back)Kelsey Messer, Human Services, Tyler Stafford, General Studies, John Buskill, Liberal Arts/Appalachian Studies, Jenna Rose, English, Hannah Moore, English, Brian Martinez, English

Program Leadership & Service

  • Kelsey Messer, Human Services

Dean’s Award

  • Caleb Fuller, Biology
  • Hannah Moore, English
Awards day group photo
Hannah Moore, English, Caleb Fuller, Biology

Workforce & Continuing Education
Most Earned Program Credentials

  • Russell Smith Jr., Diesel Repair

Outstanding Achievement

  • Tylar Muncy, Heavy Equipment Operator

Program Leadership & Service

  • Aaron McGlothlin, Masonry

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Darrius King, Heavy Equipment Operator & Commercial Driver’s License

Dean’s Award

  • Darrius King, Heavy Equipment Operator & Commercial Driver’s License
Awards day group photo
Darrius King, Heavy Equipment Operator & Commercial Driver’s License, Aaron McGlothlin, Masonry

Faculty and Staff Awards

  • Olivia Ratliff, Outstanding Faculty Advisor
  • Jacob Richardson, Outstanding Instructor
  • Antwan VanBuren, Outstanding Student Service
  • Christopher Hess, Outstanding Student Success Advisor
  • Shelly Musick, Student Engagement Impact Award
Awards day group photo
Antwan VanBuren, Outstanding Student Service, Dr. Tommy Wright
Jacob Richardson, Outstanding Instructor, Dr. Tommy Wright
Awards day group photo
Student Engagement Planning Committee with Shelly Musick, Student Engagement Impact Award winner

Watch the Awards Event recorded live

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