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Medical Laboratory Sciences SWCC – VCU

SWCC students who graduate with an AA&S degree in science, and meet all of the criteria listed in the articulation agreement with Virginia Commonwealth University, will be guaranteed admission to the VCU B.S. in Medical Laboratory Sciences program.

Responsibilities of SWCC students who desire to apply to VCU for the Medical Laboratory Sciences B.S. degree

  1. Upon the completion of 15 credits at SWCC, complete the online form at . VCU representatives will periodically contact students who complete the letter of interest with important information to ensure a successful transfer to VCU.
  2. Meet with a SWCC faculty advisor prior to the completion of 30 credits towards their degree program to ensure degree progress and completion.
  3. Apply for SWCC AA&S degree graduation by the published deadline for graduation as specified by SWCC.
  4. Complete the application steps for the Medical Laboratory Science program as outlined on the admissions website by the application deadline.
  5. Upon acceptance to VCU, submit the required enrollment deposit within 30 days of receipt of admission letter.

Admission Requirements

SWCC students who graduate with an AA&S degree and meet all of the following criteria will be guaranteed admission to the YCU B.S. in Medical Laboratory Sciences program:

  1. Apply by the Medical Laboratory Sciences application deadline  at
  2. Earn an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Science at Southwest Virginia Community College. See the program transfer table below and speak with your Science advisor.
  3. Earn a minimum cumulative SWCC GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and no individual grade lower than a “C” at the time of application to be granted junior standing at VCU.
  4. Complete a minimum of 60 credits of courses approved for transfer to VCU in the Course Equivalency Database http://www.transfer.vcu.eduNCCS/course-equivalencv.aspx.
  5. Complete the following prerequisites for admission into the Medical Laboratory Sciences degree program:
    •  – 6 credits of English Composition (ENG 111-112)
    •  – 3 credits of Precalculus(MTH 163) or higher mathematics
    • – 12 credits of chemistry (CHM 111-112, CHM 241 and CHM 243)
    • – 12 credits of biology (BIO 101-102 and one of the following courses: Bio 205, Bio 141, Bio 142)
    • – 3 credits of humanities or fine arts (a 3 credit history elective or a 3 credit course from the SWCC list of approved humanities transfer courses)
    • – 3 credits of social sciences (a 3 credit course from the SWCC list of approved social science transfer courses).
  6. Submit two recommendations from SWCC science or math instructors that highly recommend or recommend the applicant without reservation.
  7. Receive a satisfactory rating on interview.

SWCC Medical Laboratory Sciences Transfer Program Table

RequirementSWCC CourseCreditsVCU CourseCredits
BiologyBIO 101-102 (Gen Bio)8BIOL/Z151, BIOL/Z 152 8
BIO 141, 142 (A&P) recommendedVCU Equivalent
ChemistryCHM 1114CHEM lO1+CHEZ 1014
CHM 1124CHEM 102+CHEZ 1024
EnglishENG 1113UNIV l11+UNIV 1123
ENG 1123UNIV 2003
MathematicsMTH 1613MATH 141 or VCU
MTH 261 (Calculus)3VCU Equivalent3
Math 245 (Statistics)3VCU Equivalent3
SDV CourseSDV 1011Not transferable
History electives2 courses of the following: HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 111, HIS 112,
HIS 121, HIS 122 or
other approved HIS
6VCU Equivalent 6
Social/Behavioral Science 2 courses from the
SWCC list of approved
social science transfer
6VCU Equivalent6
LiteratureENG 2413VCU Equivalent3
Humanities ElectiveSWCC list of approved humanities transfer courses3VCU Equivalent3
HLT / PED2 courses from the
SWCC list of approved
PED or HLT courses
2VCU Equivalent2
Science electiveBio 205 or Bio 141, Bio 1424VCU Equivalent4
* Science requirementCHM 241/243 Lab (Organic Chem I and lab)4CHEM 301/CHEZ 3014
CommunicationCST 1003VCU Equivalent3

*Must have 4 hours of organic chemistry; it is required.

You may also visit the VCU Medical Laboratory website for more information.

Congratulations to our graduates Natasha Strouth, Sarah Santolla, and Santana Stiltner!

These graduates were accepted to the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) located at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC) in Abingdon, Virginia.

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