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Pharmacy Schools – Marshall University Admissions Guide


Students attending SWCC who elect to pursue the Pharm.D. degree program at Marshall University will take any/all of the courses listed in the articulation plan below through SWCC.  Upon transfer to Marshall University School of Pharmacy, the listed courses will be accepted by Marshall University as meeting the required pre-pharmacy course requirement indicated for that course.

As part of the memorandum of understanding, Marshall University School of Pharmacy agrees to grant automatic interviews to SWCC students who select to transfer to the Pharm. D. program and meet the minimum transfer requirements.

The minimum transfer requirements are:

  1. Complete online Southwest Admission Application and make sure all required information, including transcripts from other institutions are provided to SWCC Admissions Office;
  2. Declare a major in Science: Specialization Pre-Medical
  3. Meet with Bill Taylor to find out course substitutions that will allow students to obtain an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree. Email:,  Telephone: 276-964-7309
  4. Receiving this degree and maintaining a high overall GPA and science GPA will enhance chance for admission to a four-year college or university or professional school
  5. No PCAT® required
  6. Application to Marshall University Pharmacy School is through the online Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS, at
  7. Submission of supplemental application.
  8. Obtain three strong letters of recommendation.
  9. Successful completion of an on-campus admissions interview.
  10. Meet Marshall University School of Pharmacy admission standards Visit for details.
  11. Take a virtual tour of the new MUCOP building

There is graduate housing available and a research track for students.

Download the Marshall U. Pharmacy School Admission Guide (pdf)

Articulation Plan for Marshall University

Marshall pre pharm – SUMMER SEMESTER YEAR ONE

#*CHM 111Chemistry I4 credits
#*CHM 112Chemistry II4 credits
MTH 161Pre-calculus3 credits
Total 11 credits

Marshall pre pharm – FALL SEMESTER YEAR ONE

ENG 111English Composition I3 credits
#*BIO 101Biology I4 credits
*CHM 241/243Organic Chemistry I & lab4 credits
MTH 261Calculus I3 credits
SDV 101College Survival Skills1 credits
Total 15 credits

Marshall pre pharm – SPRING SEMESTER YEAR ONE

ENG 112English Composition II3 credits
#*BIO 102Biology II4 credits
*CHM 242/244Organic Chemistry II & lab4 credits
MTH 245Statistics3 credits
CST 100Principles of Public Speaking3 credits
Total 17 credits

Marshall pre pharm – SUMMER SEMESTER YEAR TWO

*CHM 260/261Biochemistry4 credits
ENG 241Literature3 credits
Total 7 credits
HIS 101 or 121History 13 credits
*PHY 201General College Physics I4 credits
*BIO 141Anatomy & Physiology I4 credits
ElectiveSocial Science3 credits
ElectiveHumanities3 credits
Total 17 credits

Marshall pre pharm – SPRING SEMESTER YEAR TWO

**PHY 202General College Physics II or approved substitute4 credits
*BIO 142Anatomy & Physiology II4 credits
*BIO 205General Microbiology4 credits
HLT 143Medical Terminology3 credits
Total 15 credits

TOTAL CREDITS for the Science/Pre-medical Pre-Pharmacy Track for Marshall U. = 82

#CHM 111, 112 or BIO 101, 102 may be taken in Summer Semester Year One.

*These four hour science credit classes consist of three lecture hours and three laboratory hours.
**CHM 260 & 261 may be substituted for PHY 202

Requirements to receive the Associate of Arts and Science Degree Major Science: Specialization in Pre-Medical:

  • Math; the student who needs MTH 161 will need 9 hours math, which includes one semester of calculus.
  • Social Science electives: ECO, PSY, SOC.
  • Humanities electives: ENG, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Foreign Language, REL, PHI.
  • Substitutions: HLT 143 is approved for HLT/PED credits.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students take the listed math and science classes during their two years at SWCC

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