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Biodiversity Catalog of Southwest Virginia

Lepidoptera:  Butterflies and Moths

Lepidoptera Taxonomy:

Kingdom Animalia;  Phylum Arthropoda;  Class Insecta;  Order Lepidoptera

Butterfly Families  

          Complete butterfly species list  and  Butterfly photo gallery

Skippers: Family Hesperiidae                                    species list  photo gallery

Parnassians & Swallowtails: Family Papilionidae   species list  photo gallery

Whites and Sulphurs: Family Pieridae                      species list  photo gallery

Gossamer-wing Butterflies: Family Lycaenidae      species list  photo gallery

Metalmarks: Family Riodinidae                                 species list   no photos

Brush-footed Butterflies: Family Nymphalidae      species list  photo gallery

Moth Families

Hooktip and False Owlet Moths – Family Drepanidae

Wild Silk Moth – Family Saturniidae

Sphinx Moths and Hawkmoths – Family Sphingidae

Prominents – Family Notodontidae

Owlet Moths and Miller Moths – Family Noctuidae

Erebid Moths – Family Erebidae

Euteliid Moths – Family Euteliidae

Tuft Moths – Family Nolidae

Concealer Moths – Family Oecophoridae

Clothes Moths – Family Tineidae

Psychids and Bagworm Moths – Family Psychidae

Grass Miner Moths – Family Elachistidae

Twirler Moths – Family Gelechiidae

Carposinid Moths – Family Carposinidae

Yponomeutid Moths – Family Yponomeutidae

Choreuitid Moths – Family Choreutidae

Sesiid Moths – Family Sesiidae

Cossid Moths and Carpenter Moths – Family Cossidae

Tortricid Moths – Family Tortricidae

Zygaenid Moths – Family Zygaenidae

Flannel Moths – Family Megalopygidae

Limacodids and Slug Caterpillar Moths – Family Limacodidae

Crambid Snout Moths – Family Crambidae

Pyralid Moths – Family Pyralidae

Thyridid Moths – Family Thyrididae

Ghost Moths – Family Hepialidae

Pterophorid Moths and Plume Moths – Family Pterophoridae

Geometer Moths and Looper Moths – Family Geometridae

Swallowtail Moths – Family Uraniidae

Mimallonid Moths – Family Mimallonidae

Apatelodid Moths – Family Apatelodidae

Lasiocampid Moths – Family Lasiocampidae

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