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Mechatronics Career Studies Certificate

  • Time to Complete: 1 year (full-time/2 semesters)
  • Minimum Credits: 29
  • Degree Type: Career Studies Certificate (CSC)
  • Distance Learning Option: No
  • Eligible for Financial Aid: Yes
  • Program Code: 221-736-01
  • Mechatronics Advising Sheet(pdf)
  • Employment: 2016 Median Pay and Growth Information Electro-Mechanical Technician (OOH)

The career studies certificate in mechatronics includes courses in

  • electrical components
  • mechanical components
  • electrical drives
  • electro pneumatic and hydraulic control circuit
  • robotics
  • safety
  • Information literacy
  • digital fundamentals and PLCs

Completion of the mechatronics certificate will prepare you for mid-skilled work in engineering technology related jobs as applied in advanced manufacturing.

Students completing the program will have the opportunity to earn the Siemens Mechatronlc Systems Certification Level l credential.

Purpose: The program prepares students for entry-level, industry-driven jobs based on the Siemens Certified Mechatronic Systems Assistant job profile and certification requirements. The curriculum follows a systems approach with students learning about individual components and system characteristics around an actual mechatronic system. The program will help meet the need for mid-skilled workers in engineering technology jobs related to electrical and mechanical engineering principles as applied in an advanced manufacturing firm.

Admission Requirements: Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College.

Program Requirements: Students will complete course work based around electrical components, mechanical components, electrical drives, electro pneumatic and hydraulic control circuits, robotics, safety, Information literacy, digital fundamentals and PLCs. The focus around an actual system enables a student to gain a clear understanding of the concepts and principles being covered, resulting In a fuller understanding of how the systems work and relate. The students completing the program of study will have the opportunity to earn the Siemens Mechatronlc Systems Certification Level l credential and will be award the Career Studies Certificate in Mechatronics.

Course Number Course Title Lecture Hours Lab Hours Course Credits
First Semester
SDV 106 Preparation for Employment 1 0 1
ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications and Systems 3 0 3
ELE 140 Basic Electricity and Machinery 3 2 4
MEC 140 Introduction to Mechatronics 2 2 3
IND 160 Introduction to Robotics 2 1 2
SAF 127 Industrial Safety 2 0 2
TOTAL 13 5 15
Second Semester
MEC 155 Mechanisms 1 2 2
MEC 165 Applied Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Hydrostatics 2 3 3
MEC 230 Mechatronic Process Control 2 2 3
IND 243 Principles and Applications of Mechatronicst 2 2 3
ETR 286 Principles and Applications of Robotics 2 2 3
TOTAL 9 11 14

Total Credits for Mechatronics CSC    29