Disability Services

Disability Services at Southwest

Southwest Virginia Community College is committed to ensuring that all qualified individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to take part in educational programs and services on an equal basis. The aim is to provide this opportunity in an integrated setting that fosters independence and meets the guidelines in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act.

Reasonable accommodations are identified for each student on an individual basis and are provided based on the students documented disability and functional limitation in the academic environment. All documentation, medical information, and any other information are confidential according to Federal Confidentiality laws.

It is the responsibility of the individual with disabilities to make their needs known and to provide appropriate documentation of a disability.  Download the Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

In order to receive the accommodation needed, we require that you meet with a disability counselor at least two weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

For more information contact:

Dionne Cook, Academic & Student Services ADA Coordinator, (276)964-7301,
Kim Steiner, Campus ADA Coordinator, (276)964-7389,

Effective date August 22, 2016

New Guidelines for use of Calculators in Mathematics Classes

1.    The use of a calculator will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be heavily dependent on diagnostic testing information. The final decision will be based on input from the student, documentation, the Director of Admissions & Disability Services, and the Mathematics department.

2.    Use of a calculator will not be approved as an appropriate accommodation when:

·      The provision of a calculator undermines academic standards, or fundamentally alters the nature of an assignment or test.

·      The test is designed to measure skills that the calculator would eliminate.

·      The ability to add, subtract, multiply, or divide is considered an essential part of what an exam is designed to test; therefore, students will not be allowed to utilize calculators within the subject areas of whole numbers, integers, fractions, or decimals.

Other considerations:

·      It is possible that a calculator may be permitted for some exams and not for others. If other students are not allowed to use a calculator and another student is allowed the use of a calculator as an accommodation, the instructor may request that the student take the test at the testing center to protect the privacy of the student with a disability.

·      Calculator usage as an accommodation may be limited to a 4-function calculator or a scientific calculator depending on the course.

·      The student should discuss the type of calculator appropriate for advanced mathematics classes with the instructor.