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SGA attend Culture of Excellence & Leadership Strategies programs at Disney

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The SGA recently took a trip to Disney World and participated in two Disney education programs: Culture of Excellence and Leadership Strategies.

Southwest faculty and staff, Loretta Beavers, Lisa Haywood, and Jacob Richardson took 12 members of the Student Government Association: Alexis Bales, Danielle Ball, Arabella Brown, Tionna Heredia, Keisha Hurley, Morgan Lane, Bethany McDonald, Jacob Reynolds, Albany Shawver, Paige Smith, Corey Whited, and Alexis Whitt.

Culture of Excellence—Disney Style

This program explores the concept of a purposefully created culture to achieve goals—using Disney culture as a model for success.

Leadership Strategies—Disney Style

See how effective leadership produces innovation as you investigate proven leadership strategies employed by The Walt Disney Company. College students gain the skills to become the business leaders of tomorrow by identifying traits and behaviors they can use to promote their own personal and professional success.
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