Wendy’s Gives Back; Donates to Great Expectations Program

Cherie Fields prenets donation check to Susan Lowe for Great Expectations program.
Front: Cherie Fields, Susan Lowe, Brittany Lawson. Back: Donald Hagy, Paige Hays, Courtney Clevinger.

POUNDING MILL, VA – Cherie Fields, franchise owner of the Wendy’s in Claypool Hill, yesterday presented a check to Susan Lowe, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Southwest Virginia Community College. Ms. Fields has worked with Wendy’s for over 35 years, owns three franchise locations in Claypool Hill, Richlands, and Tazewell, and runs an additional three locations in the area. Ms.Fields said, “I’m thankful that we’ve been able to continue to serve our customers, mainly with our drive-thru, during the pandemic.”

Grateful for the community’s continued support for her business, Ms. Fields wanted to give back. Her $10,000 donation will help support the Great Expectations program at Southwest Virginia Community College. Great Expectations is a program offered at community colleges across Virginia, created to benefit students who are now or have been affiliated with the foster care system. Counselors work directly with students to help with applying to college, counseling, life skills training, and financial assistance.

If you are interested in supporting the Great Expectations Program at Southwest Virginia Community College, please contact Susan Lowe at susan.lowe@sw.edu or call 276-964-7304.