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Leadership Journey at Disney World

ORLANDO, Fla. – On Friday, April 26, 2024, a group of Student Government Association (SGA) and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) students from Southwest Virginia Community College participated in the”Youth Leadership – The Disney Way” program at the Disney Imagination Campus.

The students engaged directly with Disney leaders during the leadership development workshop and participated in various hands-on activities. The program is designed to hone their effective communication, critical thinking, and innovation skills. Through these activities, students explored the core principles of “The Disney Way,” focusing on the belief that leadership capabilities reside within everyone.

A highlight of the experience was learning about Disney’s 5 Keys of Excellence—Safety, Courtesy, Show, Efficiency, and Inclusion. These principles are fundamental to the operation and success of Disney Cast Members and serve as a model for the students to understand the intersection of employee excellence, customer satisfaction, and business outcomes.

By the program’s conclusion, students were equipped to continue developing their leadership skills, apply innovative problem-solving techniques in collaborative settings, and appreciate the impact of a positive attitude in overcoming challenges.

This educational trip was a learning opportunity and a testament to Southwest Virginia Community College’s commitment to helping future leaders.

About SGA

SGA facilitates various student experiences, including leadership training and opportunities, community service activities, consultation with peers, faculty, staff, and administration, support for student engagement in clubs, sports, and other campus organizations, and cultural enrichment opportunities. 

About Honors

The Honors College program is designed to challenge academically well-prepared students and provide opportunities for academic excellence, in-depth subject exploration, research, service/leadership enhancement, and experiential learning on a local, national, and global level.

Students gain experiences that will help build an academic resume suitable for transfer to elite institutions, improve skills valuable to career success, and connect with like-minded students.

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