SWCC AWS Accredited Test Facility

SWCC AWS (American Welding Society) Accredited Test Facility

The AWS Accredited Test Facility -ATF provides welding training and process certification testing at a facility that is convenient to the welders and welding students in the Southwest Virginia region. The AWS test facility listing provides information about SWCC.

aws atf accredited test facilityThe Southwest Virginia Community College Welding Department is now certified as a AWS Accredited Test Facility and has a Certified Welding Inspector on board.

Being credentialed in one or more welding processes provides SWCC students in the program and other welders in our area a way to become more employable,

Welding Process Credentials testing that is currently available at the SWCC AWS ATF are: GMAW Spray Arc Transfer (M.I.G. Spray Arc),  FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding), SMAW (Stick Welding), GTAW Carbon Steel (T.I.G.), and 6"- 6G SMAW pipe (Stick Welding).

For more information about welding certification and training contact the Business, Engineering and Industrial Technology Department at (276) 964-7277.