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Building Legacies Campaign Initiatives

Academic & Workforce

The Academic & Workforce initiative will provide scholarships where there are still critical needs. With tuition-free assistance from our service region counties, students and their families have found that with additional assistance for books and supplies, education can become a reality for them. Scholarships for non-traditional age students as well as scholarships for many of our workforce programs are still needed. Gifts designated for this initiative will also enable Southwest to continue to grow new programs like Arts and Agriculture. 

Student Access and Success

The Student Access and Success initiative will provide the needed funding to assist students with quality support programs. Programs like Great Expectations, Food for Thought, veteran’s support programs, and others help Southwest successfully meet a variety of student needs. This initiative will also assist in providing student resources like updated advising and outreach techniques, the Honors Program, and the Alumni Association.

Flying Eagles Athletics

Athletics brings a tremendous amount of school spirit and pride to our campus. It is a wonderful tool to reach students within our region who may not attend college otherwise. Through Athletics we can reach outside of our region, our state and even our country to identify students who might enroll at Southwest.

Greatest Need

The Greatest Need initiative is critical as it gives Southwest the freedom to identify and provide for future needs. Funding is sometimes available for programs, equipment, and resources with an eligible match.  This initiative allows Southwest to be innovative and to prepare for unforeseen challenges. While it is difficult to anticipate what may be needed 1 year or 5 years from now for students, facilities or programming, Southwest strives to be visionary.

Building Legacies Family Campaign Home

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Davis Hall is temporarily closed for repairs. Day & night classes in Davis Hall are canceled on April 17 & 18.