Certified Welder Tests & Training

AWS Certified Welder Tests and Training

Certified welder tests developed by welding trade authorities provide a definitive series of procedures which specify how to correctly execute various weld processes. By gaining a welding credential through testing at our AWS ATF (American Welding Society Accredited Test Facility) , you are demonstrating proficiency in meeting a specific weld process requirement. Your welding credentials received at SWCC’s AWS ATF are nationally recognized and can benefit your salary increase and employment prospects.

certified welder testsSouthwest Virginia Community College’s Welding Department provides an Accredited Testing Facility for a variety of welding processes, including:

Questions about welding testing for AWS welder credentials can be directed to James Dye at (276)964-7253. Contact (276) 964-7277 or to register for evaluation and testing.

Free skills evaluation available before taking certified welder tests

A free welding skills evaluation is available (2 hour maximum) for you to determine your certification test readiness before you pay the welding test registration fee. The on staff Certified Welding Inspector can help identify training and coursework you may need to reach a readiness level to pass the welding test and become certified in that process.

Download the Certified Welder Test Pricing Information

Please call (276) 964-7277 to verify current pricing information.

Welding degrees available at SWCC:

The Welding Diploma program prepares you to fill higher positions in industrial welding. You will also qualify as a welder, fitter-welder or shop foreman.

The Welding Career Studies Certificate is a 2 semester 28 credit fast track welder training program.