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Credits2Careers | Advising for Military Students


Military and veteran students can use C2C to explore degree and non-degree programs related to their military training and specialties prior to enrolling at SWCC. C2C also gives our students access to a resume builder and national jobs database specific to your region.

Inside the Credits2Careers portal, you can enter information about your passion areas, aspirations, and geographic preferences that will help guide you toward a career path.

Programs & Credits

  • Explore degree and non-degree programs by field of study and identify the VCCS colleges that offer them.
  • Easily and quickly create a portfolio starting with your military experience. Extracting and recording all components of your military career for which credit can be granted by SWCC from your military transcript.
  •  Augment your portfolio with additional courses, examinations, credentials or other achievements.
  • Instantly get an estimate of your Credit for prior learning awarded from SWCC based on the information in the electronic portfolio.
  • Students may review academic programs and associated degree maps that illustrate how the credit for prior learning (CPL) granted for elements of their portfolio would be applied towards completion of those programs.


  • Personalized exploration of civilian careers related to your military training and specialties; personal interests; or recommended by interest evaluations.
  • Career exploration provides you with information on the knowledge, skills, certifications and higher education programs offered by SWCC or any VCCS college for any career, of interest, as well as earnings potential tuned to the specific geographic area where they are interested in relocating or living.


  • Students can review virtual job information by:
    • A resume builder embedded in the application.
    • Access to a comprehensive national database of jobs with the list of jobs being tuned to the specific area where they are interested in relocating or living.
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