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What is Follett ACCESS?

The Follett ACCESS program allows students access to their course materials within the Canvas environment on day 1 of the course. The ebook and digital resources that are typically accessed with an “access code” are now woven into the course through Canvas. Follett ACCESS benefits students by offering a convenient way of paying for course materials, eliminating the wait time in bookstore lines, and most importantly, increasing student success by ensuring that all students are prepared on the first day of class.

Third parties may not pay Follett ACCESS course material fees, including county "free-tuition" programs (Tazewell County Connect, Buchanan County Connect, Russell County R.A.C.E.), GIBill® benefits, Virginia Prepaid 529 plans, and waivers. In these cases, students are responsible for paying the Follett ACCESS fee or obtaining the required material on their own.

Fall 2022 Courses

BIO 101 - All Sections - Modified Mastering Biology Campbell

BIO 102 - All Sections - Modified Mastering Biology Campbell

BIO 150 - All Sections - Connect 3P IA Online access for Microbiology

HIS 111 - Section W1 - Traditions and Encounters 7th ed

HIS 121 - All Sections - Becoming America 2nd ed

HIS 122 - Section W1 - Becoming America 2nd ed

MTH 161 - All Sections - MyLab math Graphical Approach to Precalculus

MTH 162 - All Sections - MyLab math Graphical Approach to Precalculus

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More Information

How to know if a course is part of the Follett ACCESS program?

• After registering for a course that includes Follett ACCESS, students will receive an email notification from the college with information about Follett ACCESS and the opt-out process.

• A few weeks before classes begin, students will receive an email from Follett with the opt-out option and login instructions to the opt-out portal.

• Students should see the Follett ACCESS fees listed on their invoice.

Accessing Follett ACCESS Course Materials

On the first day of class, log into Canvas and browse to the course. Information about Follett ACCESS and how to access your digital resources will be provided. An email will also be sent to student’s college email address about a week before the start of classes that will provide a link to digital course material.

Opting Out

Students may opt-out of the Follett ACCESS program via a link found in an email sent to students. Students who opt-out will be responsible for obtaining the required material on their own, which could result in higher course material fees. The bookstore can assist with the opt-out process and answer any questions you may have regarding this program.

Note: You will receive an email with information about opting-out but if you do not have that information, you may use this link to create an account and login to complete the opt out process.

Can I re enter the program after opting out?

Yes, that option is available.