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Spring 2020 Graduates

Spring 2020 Graduates

Abshire, Harold Trent, Jr.Cybersecurity
Addair, Brandy JoPharmacy Technician
Adkins, Debra Denise<Early Childhood Education
Adkins, Ethan NathanielGeneral Studies
Akers, Leslie Diane* <Early Childhood Development/ Early Childhood Education
Alford, William Samuel, IV‡ <Welding
Allen, Kristen ToraRaeEducation
Alley, Hannah Faith** ##Nursing/Health Sciences
Altizer, Jamie BreannaCybersecurity
Amrick, Benny Lee, Jr.Semi-Automated Welding/Welding
Anderson, Baylee Nicole**Education
Anderson, Courtney Danielle## <Practical Nursing
Anderson, Felicity Shaunta<Phlebotomy
Austin, Kaitlyn MarieEducation-Pre-Teacher Education
Bailey, Christopher RyanWelding
Bailey, Jodi-Lee***Science-Pre-Medical/Advanced Studies in Science
Baker, Bethany Renee## ~ <Practical Nursing
Baker, Lindsey Erin**Nursing
Bales, Alexis Brooke** ~ >General Studies-Psychology
Ball, Alexis Paige** ##General Studies-Psychology/General Education/Management Specialist
Ball, Danielle ShantaAdventure Tourism/Mechatronics/Outdoor Recreation
Ball, Steven Matthew* <Business Administration
Bandy, Faith NicoleGeneral Studies
Bandy, Ryan Alexander*Information Systems Technology
Barrett, Sasha Candy<<Health Sciences
Barton, Bethany<<Education
Barton, Emily Ferrell*Occupational Therapy Assistant
Beavers, Deziree Dannyse** ##Nursing/Health Sciences
Bedsole, William Gray**General Studies
Belcher, James Jordan<Computer Repair Technician/Cybersecurity
Bennett, Jasmine Nicole<General Studies/Health Science Technology
Blackburn, Kayla Michelle<Phlebotomy
Blankenship, Dyllan ReedNursing
Blankenship, Michelle JesseeEarly Childhood Education
Blankenship, Patricia MaePharmacy Technician
Blevins, Santerra Mariea** <Early Childhood Development/Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Bolling , Mackenzie Caroling<<General Studies-Psychology
Bollinger, Kayla G**General Studies
Bostic, Chloe McKenna###Health Sciences
Bostic, Kristen Brooke*** ~ <<Early Childhood Development
Bourne, Timothy**General Studies
Boyd, Kayla Renee*** <General Studies
Boyd, Lisa D* ~Fine Arts
Boyd, David EdwardGeneral Studies/Computer Repair Technician
Boyd, Patrick Douglas<Welding/Semi-Automated Welding
Boyd, Tori DawnGeneral Studies-Psychology
Breedlove, Kristie MichelleNursing
Brewster, Billy Monroe**Nursing
Brewster, Johanna ElizabethGeneral Studies/Health Science Technology
Britton, Christopher Isaac<<Electrical
Brown, Arabella Celestine** ~General Studies
Brown, Haley Devon<<Advanced Studies in Science
Brown, JacobHealth Sciences
Brown, SamuelWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Brown, Arabella Celestine**General Studies
Brown, Lee Everett<Guide Essentials/Outdoor Interpretation & Education/Outdoor Recreation
Browning, Cody Lee***Information Systems Technology
Browning, Samantha KayNursing
Buchanan, Andrew Cole**Nursing
Burton, Jonathon Garrett* ~ <Administration of Justice
Byrd, Tiffany BrookeGeneral Studies-Psychology/General Education
Call, Nicholas Skylar<<General Studies
Cantrell, Mikala Rachelle### <Practical Nursing
Carico, Angela Perry***Business Management
Carini, Neil Daniel*** <Business Management
Carter, Destiny Marie*Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Casey, Michael Wayne* ‡Business Management
Cassady, Matthew RobertMechatronics
Castle, Hayden** <<Electrical/Electronics Technolgy/Mechatronics
Castle, Madison Nicole##Health Sciences
Castle, Maleah Hope*** <<Business Management
Catron, Britney FaithComputer Repair Technician
Cecil, Jennifer DennicePharmacy Technician
Chafin, William Alexander~Cybersecurity
Charles, Aaron S.**Advanced Manufacturing/Mechatronics/Precision Machining
Charles, Brianna Rose** ##Nursing/Health Sciences
Charles, Keaton MPrecision Machining
Chase, Nicholas William DavidGeneral Studies
Childers, Mary Lou** ~ <General Studies/Mental Health
Childress, Justin EarlGeneral Studies
Childress, Marlea A%Radiography
Chumbley, Megan3.593General Studies
Chumbley, Megan**General Studies
Church, Chynna Rose*Nursing
Church, Hannah LaurenBusiness Administration
Clifton, Lucinda DPharmacy Technician
Cline, Gracey ElizabethNursing
Cole, Sara ElizabethGeneral Studies
Collier, Isaac Dalton<<Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Collins, Alyssa SierraNursing/Health Sciences
Combs, Tyler Derek<<Education
Compton, Jacob B.***Science-Pre-Medical/Advanced Studies in Science
Compton, Layken Elizabeth***General Studies
Conley, Skylar Rhianna**Nursing
Cook, Gregory Shawn## <<Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Electrical
Cook, Kourtney JaydeNursing
Cooper, Kristy DawnNursing
Couch, Brittany NicoleMedical Coding
Counts, Austin Wade%Radiography
Counts, Daniel Alexander**Science-Pre-Medical
Counts, Gerald A.### <Substance Abuse Counselor
Counts, Ronald Larry<Precision Machining
Cox, Cheyanne Faith<Phlebotomy
Cruey, Joshua D.*Information Systems Technology
Curto, Zachariah Emil** ~General Studies
Damron, Carrie G.**General Studies
Damron, Madison Paige**Business Management
Daniels, Joshua AAdvanced Studies in Science
Daugherty, Luke WatsonBusiness Administration
Dean, Sherry LynnManagement Specialist
Deel, Jasmine McKennaPharmacy Technician
Deel, Jenson NicolePharmacy Technician
Deel, Kayla ElizabethNursing
Deel, KimberlyNursing
Deel, Tara Danielle*Nursing
Dickenson, Shirley K.<Practical Nursing
Diles, Danielle MarieLegal Studies
Dillon, Aimee Sue* ~Nursing
Dillon, Audrey***General Studies
Dillow, Cassie R* <<Business Administration
Dye, Alysia<Early Childhood Education
Dye, Christopher Glen<Phlebotomy
Dye, Caitlynn Rose*Nursing
Dye, DevinWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Dye, Jo FaithMental Health
Dye, Sandra Brooks<General Studies
Dye, Vanessa Leigh**Science
Edwards, Brittany Nicole<Early Childhood Education
Edwards, Tamara LeighAccounting
Elswick, Dakota Reid*Nursing
Elswick, Haleigh BrookePharmacy Technician
Farmer, Ethan Lee**Electricial/ Electronics Technology
Endicott, Judy Gail**Business Management
Farmer, Keirstan***General Studies
Fields, Brittany Nicole<<Early Childhood Education
Fields, EthanCybersecurity
Fields, Jonathan David* <Administration of Justice
Fields, LandonWelding/Semi-Automated Welding/Manufacturing Fabrication
Figueroa, Marilyn D.<Early Childhood Education
Foster, WaylinWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Fox-Hollaway, Megan NGeneral Education
French, Lily Ktherine*** ~General Studies
Frye, Kassidy HelenaHealth Sciences
Funk, Jacqueline MarieMedical Coding
Furrow, Taylor Paige**Nursing
Garrison, Lynn MarieEmergency Medical Services Technology
George, Lindsey Erin*Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gibson, David Nicholas<Education
Gibson, Megan LeighEducation
Goins, Connor Wayne<<General Studies
Goodie, Megan Nicole<Practical Nursing
Gray, Gerry M.*** ### ~General Studies/General Education
Griffey, Chaderick EarlComputer Repair Technician
Griggs, Clementine Jewell**General Studies/Medical Coding
Grimmett, Jennifer Lynn<<Early Childhood Education
Grizzle, Leah G** ##Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Gross, Zachary RyanElectrical/ Electronics Technology
Grossi, Victoria PaigrNursing
Hackworth, Keshia Brooke** ##Nursing/Health Sciences/Phlebotomy
Hale, Kimberly<Phlebotomy
Hale, Mariah GraceScience-Pre-Medical
Hale, Wilma J.<Business Administration/Bookkeeping
Hall, Jenna BrookeNursing
Hall, Katelyn Elizabeth**Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hargis, Nichele Lachole** % <<Radiography
Harris, Karen## <Practical Nursing/General Education
Harris, Katrina Nicole*** ~Accounting
Harris, Leslie Nicole**General Studies-Substance Abuse/Mental Health/Human Services Technology
Harris, Tyler Dayn** %Radiography
Hart, Derrick Michael**Busienss Management
Hartford, Kaitlyn Nicole** ~Education
Hartsock, Dakota ShawnEngineering
Harvey, Savannah Dawne*Nursing
Hatfield, KaylaEducation
Hawkins, Shasta Renea#Practical Nursing
Heisler, Shana Mae** ## <<Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Helmandollar, Jacob Tyler<Welding
Helton, Kayla MckinzieMedical Coding
Helton, Kendra Rhea*** ~ <General Studies
Helton, Laura BethNursing
Helton, Malarie Lakin<Practical Nursing
Heredia, Tionna Peyton** ~ <General Studies
Hess, Cassandra Leigh* # ~Business Administration/Legal Studies
Hess, Courtney Shannon** ##General Studies-Psychology/Health Sciences
Hess, Zack Allen##Health Sciences
Hibbitts, Alyssa Noel<<Health Sciences
Hibbitts, Kristen Nicole**Education
Hicks, Tammy Elizabeth*** ~General Studies
Hileman, Courtney<General Studies
Hill, Hannah Catherine** ##General Studies-Psychology/General Education
Hill, Joshua Tyler<General Studies/Cybersecurity
Hinkle, Erika Nicole### <Health Sceinces
Hinkle, Harless ChaseNursing
Holmes, Aleah** <<General Studies
Honaker, Anna###Health Sciences
Honaker, Billee Jo*Education
Honaker, Jacob Caden** <<General Studies
Horn, Gavin Blake<<Welding
Hopkins, Madison Louise%Radiography
Horne, Jared<Management Specialist
Horner, Samantha DianeOccupational Therapy Assistant
Hovis, Virginia FaeNursing
Huffman, Garrett HarrisonOccupational Therapy Assistant
Huffman, Haley MadisonPhlebotomy
Hughes, Madison SheaGeneral Studies
Hunt, Audrianna NacoleGeneral Studies
Hurd, Matthew DavidLaw Enforcement
Hurley, Jacob Scott<<Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Hurley, Keisha Dawn** ~ <<Business Administration/Management Specialist
Hurley, Morgan Nicole** ##Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Hurley, SarahEducation
Ingram, Zena Marie<Practical Nursing
Jackson, TaraHealth Sciences
Jackson, Sarah Alizabeth** ~ <Education-Pre-Teacher
James, Brett TylerLegal Studies
Jessee, Abigail Brianne***General Studies
Johnson, Jason EdwardCybersecurity
Johnson, Tyler BlakeWelding
Jones, Abigail Delorse*** % <<Radiography
Jones, Abigail Grace***General Studies/Science-Pre-Medical/Advanced Studies in Science
Jones, Typhani Elizabeth* <<Education
Jones, Jessica May<Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Justice, Kaitlin Seirra AlexandriaGeneral Studies/Early Childhood Education
Justus, Brittney Noelle<Early Childhood Education
Justus, Christy LGeneral Education
Justus, Donavon NathanielWelding
Justus, Jacob<<General Studies
Justus, Kristen ElizabethComputer Repair Technician
Justus, Selena Alberta<<Pharmacy Technician
Keen, Kevin Wayne<Semi-Automated Welding/Welding
Keen, Macey LeAnne<<General Studies/General Education
Keen, Marisa Jean**Nursing
Keen, Misty NicoleHeath Sciences
Keen, Samantha Irene** ~Science-Pre-Medical/Advanced Studies in Science
Keen, Savannah Ilene*** ~General Studies-Psychology
Keene, Ashley Marie* ~ <General Studies-Psychology
Keene, Johnathon EarlPrecision Machining
Keene, Danielle Lee* <General Studies-Psychology
Kennedy, Kayla Brooke*General Studies-Substance Abuse/Computer Repair Technician
Kennedy, RandiHealth Sciences
Kinder, Taylor LeiannGeneral Studies-Psychology
Kiser, Justin Wayne*Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lambert, Taylor ReneeAdministration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Lane, Morgan Emily** ~ <<General Studies
Laney, Andrea Keen* # <<Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Lawson, Brandon* #Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Lawson, Patrick DonavonNursing
Ledford, Emily Isabella#Heath Sciences
Leedy, Shannon Nicole<Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Leftwich, Anastasia BrianaAdventure Tourism/Guide Essentials/Outdoor Interpretation & Education/Outdoor Recreation
Leonard, Alissa Diane* #Occupational Therapy Assistant/Health Science Certificate
Lester, Joseph* #Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Lester, Justin<Welding
Lester, Lettie LorrainePharmacy Technician
Lester, Logan ChandlerAdministration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Lester, Megan LeannePharmacy Technician
Lester, Tayah Elizabeth* <General Studies
Lester, Toni BrianaEducation
Lewis, MadisonHealth Sciences
Lint, Mariah Kristie* ~Science-Pre-Medical
Looney, Brittney Erica Paige*General Studies
Looney, Kimberly Dawn<Phlebotomy
Looney, Jessica Katelyn<Network Administration
Looney, Logan Thomas<<Business Administration
Looney, TaraNursing
Lowe, Lindsey Elizabeth* ~General Studies
Lugo, Anthony R.‡ <<Management Specialist
Mabe, Stephanie DawnGeneral Studies/General Education/Phlebotomy/Medical Coding
Mabry, Joseph<<General Studies
Mallory, Lauren JMedical Coding
Marrs, Abigail Lindsey*** ~ <<General Studies
Marshall, Grant Lee, Jr.General Studies
Marshall, Valerie E%Radiography
Marshall, William JordanSemi-Automated Welding/Welding
Martin, Kayla GraceGeneral Studies
Martin, Laken N.*Occupational Therapy Assistant
Martin, Nicole K.** ## ~General Studies/Legal Studies
Martin, Shanna Brooke<Education
Mathis, Jalisa Michelle**General Studies-Psychology
McClanahan, Makenna JadeNursing
McClanahan, Ricky Ray<Semi-Automated Welding/Welding
McCowan, Jacob Aaron<Welding/Semi-Automated Welding/Manufacturing Fabrication
McCoy, Tessy Rae**Occupational Therapy Assistant
McCoy, Evelena Karol RifeEducation/General Studies-Psychology
McDonald, Shea DonovanComputer Repair Technician
McGinnis, Jessica NoelleOccupational Therapy Assistant
McGlothlin, Madison BrookeBusiness Management/Management Specialist
McGlothlin, Tyler Jerome<Welding
McGuire, Cody James** <Electrical/ Electronics Technology
McGuire, Norma J.General Studies
Meade, Lauren Ann*Nursing
Meade, Shawn T.Nursing
Meadows, Elizabeth NoelGeneral Studies-Substance Abuse
Medley, Jason Keith, II**Electrical/Electronic Technology/Mechatronics
Miller, Charles Ellis, IIPrecision Machining
Miller, Jordan Brooke** <<General Studies-Psychology
Miller, Lanny D.Electrical/Heating,Ventialation & Air Conditioning
Mims, Megan Joyce##Health Sciences
Mitchell, Benjamin CharlesEducation
Moles, Angela MarieGeneral Studies
Monninger, Lakin LeeGeneral Studies
Montaigne, Laura# <Practical Nursing
Moore, Amanda M.Basic EMT Skills
Moore, Crystal Nicole<Phlebotomy
Moore, Whitney Brooke<Early Childhood Education
Mullins, Deidra* <<General Studies-Substance Abuse
Mullins, Denisha Arlene###Health Sciences
Mullins, Elizabeth Lynn<Phlebotomy
Mullins, Ruth MEarly Childhood Education/Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Mullins, Stephen Dwayne*Engineering
Mullins, William Daniel*** ~General Studies
Mumpower, Leslie Joan<Early Childhood Education
Muncy, Megan Danielle<Phlebotomy
Musick, Alyssa Lynn** ## ~Occupational Therapy Assistant/Health Sciences
Mutter, Braxton ToddWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Ray, Necessary Mollie***General Studeies
Newberry, Elizabeth Yvonne<<Health Sciences
Newberry, Rayetta Michelle*Nursing
Newell, Hailey Rene<<Early Childhood Education
Nichols, Donald W* <<General Studies
Nichols, Marthanna Kathleen**Accounting
Nott, Albert GwinnElectrical
O Quinn, Joy Elizabeth<General Studies
O’Quinn, Timothy Tate<General Studies
O’Quinn-Crisp, Baleigh Alexandra** ~Engineering
Osborne, Hannah LynnHealth Sciences
Overton, Sheyenne SieraBusiness Administration
Owens, Bethany Ann<<Education
Owens, Courtney MichelleEarly Childhood Education
Owens, HeatherPharmacy Technician
Owens, Lilleigh Grace<Health Care Technician
Owens, Sophia M*** <<Early Childhood Development
Patrick, Erika Elaine<<Management Specialist
Pennington, Sarah BHuman Services Technology
Perkins, Amber Nichole***Education
Perkins, Caleb M.<General Studies
Peterson, Jumar Dominick## <Substance Abuse Counselor
Phillips, Cara LeeMedical Coding
Phillips, Wendy Lynn**Occupational Therapy Assistant
Plumley, Dalton* <Administration of Justice
Poe, Taylor Christine** ##Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Potter, Donna Dorane*Accounting/Management Specialist
Powers, Heather RBusiness Administration/Business Management
Presnell, Chelsie PaigeBusiness Admistration
Pridemore, Marlea TylerOccupational Therapy Assistant/Health Science
Proffitt, Eugenia<<Business Administration
Proffitt, Macie K*** ~Science
Pruitt, Jordan SaigeNursing
Puckett, Whitney LaSheaPharmacy Technician
Purvis, DestinyPharmacy Technician
Pysell, Paiten McKenzie<Health Sciences
Quesenberry, Taytum Patrick RussellWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Ramey, Chelsea N.*Nursing
Ramey, Hannah Noel*** ~General Studies
Ramey, Roberta Lynn** ~Accounting
Ramsey, Autumn Michelle**General Studies
Rasnick, Krista BrianneMedical Coding
Rasnake, MaKenna Danielle*Education
Ratliff, Joshua W.<Education/General Studies
Ratliff, Kayla Michelle<Practical Nursing
Ratliff, Eliza DesmondGeneral Studies-Psychology
Ratliff, Joshua W<General Sudies/Education
Ratliff, Rose Alexandria*** ~Education-Pre-Teacher
Reynolds, Jacob* <<Science
Rhudy, Alexis Leanne*Science-Pre-Medical
Rice, Jacob Andrew* <<Engineering
Richardson, Lauren Danielle*Nursing
Riddle, Robin Arlene**Nursing
Rider, Brett DouglasPrecision Machining
Rife, Cody Ryan* ~ <General Studies
Rife, Kaelyn Faith* # <<General Studies/General Education
Ring, Chloe Elizabeth%Radiography
Roark, Farrah Lynn**General Studies – Psychology/Science
Roark, Sherry L** ~Business Management/Management Specialist
Robbins, Kaitlyn Marie*** %Radiography
Robinette, Haley Brooke#Health Sciences/Medical Coding
Romano, Pasquale Pio<<Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Rose, Jessica Amber<Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Ross, Melissa Ann<Early Childhood Education
Rowe, Megan FaithNusing
Ruble, Jewel Lee** <<General Studies
Rumley, Jessica<Phlebotomy
Sage, Ethan JamesSemi-Automated Welding/Welding
Salyer, Rebekah KingeryOccupational Therapy Assistant
Saunders, Ashley Jordan**General Studies-Agribusiness
Sayers, Jessica LEarly Childhood Education
Sayers-Griffith, Olivia BrookeGeneral Studies
Scarberry, Dylan Christopher<Computer Repair Technician
Schock, Hannah NicoleGeneral Studies
Sellner, Cassidy Frances**Occupational Therapy Assistant
Senters, Garrett<Semi-Automated Welding/Welding/Manufactuting Fabrication
Sergent, Keterra LeeannEducation-Pre-Teacher
Sheets, Lawrence TylerGeneral Studies
Sheets, Rachel Lauren*General Studies
Shelar, Vivian Gail<General Studies-Substance Abuse
Shelton, Sara##Health Sciences
Shelton, Amber BrookeNursing
Shields, Cynthia Amelia<Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Short, Jolena Marie***Nursing
Short, Kristy Rena## <<Health Sciences
Short, Victoria Carmen**General Studies-Fine Arts
Shortridge, Brittany Nichole**Nursing
Shortt, Bryce**Science-Pre-Medical
Simon, SeanWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Sisk, Elizabeth E.Nursing/Health Sciences
Slate, Kristen Faith*Education/General Studies
Smith, Andrea** <<General Studies-Music
Smith, Ashley Nicole##Health Sceiences
Smith, Chasity LynnNursing
Smith, Emily Morgan** <Science-Pre-Medical
Smith, Gracelyn<<General Studies
Smith, Hailey RainePharmacy Technician
Smith, Jenifer DawnEducation – Pre-Teacher Education/General Studies
Smith, Kayla DenaeNursing
Smith, Lisa Ann**Business Management
Smith, Rhiannon Nicole*Early Childhood Development
Spake, Kennth JasonManagement Specialist
Sparks, Tayler<<General Studies
Sparling, Conor EdwardPre-Engineering
Spears, Hannah LeighPharmacy Technician
St. Clair, Lisa NicoleEarly childhood Development
Stacy, DemarcoSemi-Automated Welding/Welding
Stacy, Samantha Diane<Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Stacy, Steven Ryan**Nursing
Stevens, Vera FaithHealth Sciences
Stevens, KaylaGeneral Studies-Psychology/General Education
Stiltner, Cole Braden* <General Studies
Stiltner, Catrina Joy### <Practical Nursing
Stiltner, Elizabeth Ann<Medical Coding
Stiltner, Madelyne BrookeOccupational Therapy Assistant
Stiltner, Taylor AliceEducation
Stowers, Ashley Lynette<<Early Childhood Development
Stowers, Garyn Renee***Science-Pre-Medical/Advanced Studies in Science
Street, Asia Mai<Education-Pre-Teacher Education
Street, Heather Nicole**Occupational Therapy Assistant
Street, Tanya Lynn*Nursing
Street, Timothy Joseph, Jr.Welding
Street, Troy Luke**Administration of Justice-Emergency Management & Preparedeness
Stroud, Justin Richard*Nursing
Strouth, Jeffery DuaneMechatronics
Strouth, John# <Heating,Ventilation&Air Conditioning
Sutherland, Michelle Alexis### <Health Sciences
Sutherland, Branson ColeGeneral Studies
Sutherland, Dakota Lane<Semi-Automated Welding/Welding
Swiney, Sarah Katherine*Nursing
Sykes, Natasha Danyelle* <<Education
Sykes, Audrey CaitlynOccupational Therapy Assistant
Sykes, William Cade*** ~ >Business Administration/ Science-Pre-Medical
Taylor, Amy Lynn<<General Studies
Taylor, Angela HopeNursing/Health Sciences
Taylor, Catherine DarleneGeneral Studies-Psychology/General Education
Thomas, Gary NathanielElectrical
Thompson, IsaacWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Tignor, Courtney Elisabeth*Nursing
Traverse, Zachary** <General Studies
Trent, Robin Marie<Education
Turner, Samantha Da Vei* <<General Studies
Vance, Brett James KennedyElectrical/Electronics Technology/Mechatronics
Vance, Savannah Danielle#Health Sciences
Vandyke, Kari AnnNursing
Vanover, Earnest<Electrical
Vanover, Hunter Lee* #Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Viers, Madison Victoria*** <<General Studies
Wade, Ian James***Education
Wade, Jenna Laken** ##General Studies/Healh Sciences
Wallace, Kellie Nicole***Early Childhood Development
Wallace, Michael Brent***Emergency Medical Services Technology
Walls, Ethan<Semi-Automated Welding/Welding
Warner, Caleb WilliamGeneral Studies/Science
Waters, Leslie NicoleNursing
Watkins, Stephen Wayne<<General Studies
Watson, Thomas Gavin** ##Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Webb, Jennifer Rebekah*** ~ <<General Studies-Fine Arts
Wess, Darrell, Jr.* ‡General Studies-Agribusiness/Education-Pre-Teacher Education
Wess, Trey Allen*Nursing
White, Austin BNursing
White, Hannah Morgan*%Radiography
White, Megan Grace***General Studies
Whited, Jeremy Shaun**Nursing
Whitt, Alexis Paige<<General Studies-Psychology
Widner, Rebecca<Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Willis, Brandi Jade*** <Administration of Justice
Willis, Elizabeth AnnBookkeeping
Wilmoth, Amanda<Early Childhood Education
Wimmer, Brittany DianeEarly Childhood Development
Winfrey, William RandolphPrecision Machining
Woodward, Hannah Pauline**Occupational Therapy Assistant
Woosley, Thomas Alexander* #Administration of Justice/Law Enforcement
Wright, Tyler ScottWelding/Semi-Automated Welding
Wright, Angela Marie<Early Childhood Infant and Toddler
Yates, Haley Beth<<Pharmacy Technician
Yates, Jennifer MollyEarly Childhood Education
Yost, Joseph Dalton<Semi-Automated Welding
Yost, Sean<<Welding/Semi-Automated Welding
Young, Alyssa Alberta**Mental Health

Virtual Celebration

Graduates, look for a special text message from us on Friday, May 15! Share your virtual celebration using #SouthwestGrad2020

Honors Designations

* Cum Laude 3.20 – 3.49
** Magna Cum Laude 3.50 – 3.79
*** Summa Cum Laude 3.80 – 4.00
# With Honors 3.20 – 3.49
## High Honors 3.50 – 3.79
### Highest Honors 3.80 – 4.00
~ Phi Theta Kappa
^ Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
! Honors Student
+ Lambda Beta
> Phi Beta Lambda
% Latent Image
< Fall 2019 Graduates
¤ Lambda Alpha Epsilon
<< Summer 2020 Graduates

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