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RN Student Resources

The Southwest Virginia Community College nursing program prepares qualified students to provide safe, competent, entry-level nursing care in 21st-century healthcare environments. Students are prepared to meet the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare needs of our citizens.

Mission, Philosophy, Student Learning Outcomes with Competencies

USDOE Notice | Associate Degree Nursing Southwest

Nursing Program Outcomes 

Year of
Pass Rate*
2019 (N =180)87.7%73%
2020 (N=191)72.5%81%
2021 (N=53)75.47%72.3%
2022 (N=50)82%64%
2023 (N=63)95.74%63.49%

* NCLEX National Statistics from

2019-2020 results exhibit Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program percentages and a 150% completion rate; 2021-2023 results exhibit Southwest Virginia Community College Nursing Program percentages and a 100% completion rate.

Documents & Forms

Documents and forms posted here are for use by students who have been accepted to the Nursing Program at Southwest.

Clinical Requirements

Student Forms

RN Student Handbooks

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