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Literary Review Series


Discover new authors while exploring their warnings for society

dys·to·pi·an /disˈtōpēən/ …

relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice.

Join our dystopian literary series to explore writings that warn of things that could impact our society and world

A limited number of course scholarships (full tuition) are available on a first-come, first-served basis thanks to the Southwest Virginia Community College Educational Foundation

Series Host Dr. Shari Stacy, Ph.D., English

Fully online experience with several scheduled coffee chats with the program host.

“After a wonderful 21-year career at Southwest Virginia Community College, I moved to Norway. I continue to teach courses each term for the college online, such as the Barter Theatre Class, British Literature, Children’s Literature, and a Film course. In Norway, I teach at a private high school (psychology and English). I take cooking classes and study Norwegian in my spare time, and watch horror films for ‘fun.’ I visit my much-loved Virginia every year!” ~Dr. Shari Stacy

Most structured content will be offered through the Canvas learning platform and available any time convenient to participants.

For assistance with registration, call 276.964.7244

Livin’ in Southwest Virginia

Our Continuing Education programs strive to  offer students and members of the communities throughout the college’s service region with supplementary and lifelong learning opportunities of all types, from informal lifestyle and recreational based opportunities, to various types of topical knowledge-expanding themed offerings.

This non-academic class is offered through the Southwest Virginia Community College Continuing Education Program. While some continuing education courses do present students with feedback and learning indication grades and assessments, continuing education courses are generally non-academic credit.


Literary Review Interest

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