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MFA – Multi-Factor (2-step) Authentication Required in MySouthwest

Accessing MySouthwest Using a Secure Login

VCCS systems use policy states that students logging into MySouthwest are required to use MFA (Multi-Factor or 2 Step Authentication) to verify their identity during each login process.

Email MFA is the type of MFA recommended by the VCCS for students.

Step 1: Verify that you have an alternate current email address OTHER THAN your student email in SIS.

Step 2: Follow instructions on how to set up Email MFA.

Step 1: How to verify that you have an alternate email OTHER THAN student email in SIS

Step 2: How To Set Up EmAIL MFA

We know this can be a challenge to set up, but we are here to help!

You can contact us by email/phone for assistance:

See the Student Guide to Online Learning for additional MFA methods available.

Dual Enrollment Students MFA

March 1st Dual Enrollment students will also have MFA enforced using the Pictograph (one image) MFA methodology with alternate email MFA as a backup.

Dual enrollment students are automatically loaded to use the Pictograph method.

Example Dual Enrollment Video

Dual Enrollment Students MFA Instructions

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