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Social Media Account Creation & Access

Social media accounts that feature one or more of the following are considered official accounts and College assets:

  • The college name “Southwest Virginia Community College” or any variation or abbreviation is included in the account name, handle, or description.
  • Using the college logo, in whole or part, as the profile picture, cover image, or prominently displayed in some form on the account.
  • Listing any page on the domain or any other domain owned or managed by the College on the profile.
  • Listing any College contact info as the contact for the account.

To protect the security and integrity of our brand, all social media accounts must be logged, maintained, and managed through the Office of Strategic Communications.

Current Social Accounts

A list of the official, active College social media accounts can be found at

Social Media Management System

The College utilizes a social media management system to provide access to posting/scheduling content as well as monitoring and responding to comments and direct messages. If you access any social media accounts directly (i.e. you use the Instagram app or website to post), complete the form on this page to have those account(s) added to the management system.

If your division, department, or initiative could use – and have the personnel to maintain – one or more social accounts, use the form on this page to get started.

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