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SWCC Science & Math Department

Your path to a rewarding medical career can begin with a Pre-Medical specialization at SWCC.

The Department of Science and Mathematics serves SWCC students by providing quality science and math classes needed for pre-medical programs and admission tests. The Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree with a major in Science, Specialization: Pre-Medical program sheet lists classes needed for your degree but it can be tailored to the specific pre-requisites of your chosen pre-medical interest.
It is important you meet with the pre-medical science advisor to discuss classes needed for specific areas of interest.

Pre-Medical 500x325drhodgesMost pre-medical students will transfer to senior institutions for completion of a Bachelor of Science degree Professional schools do not recommend any one major at the four year schools. Pre-medical is not a major. They strongly recommend that students enroll in a degree program of their choice to prepare for alternate career goals.

There is no right pre-medical major, only the one that is right for you. There is no guarantee a student will be accepted to professional school so alternate career plans are a must. There are numerous alternate health care careers. Carefully choose an undergraduate degree that will lead to job opportunities if you decide professional school is not right for you or you lose interest in it. Academics are extremely challenging and there is a financial commitment. 

Preparation for admission tests is very important. The two years of study at SWCC will be covered on most admission tests so it is very important you strive to be a stellar student by mastering the material for understanding, critical thinking, and application.

Professional schools seek students with work or volunteer experience which shows dedication and a passion for the health care field of interest. They also seek students with leadership qualities and those with community service experience. They want students to have talents, interest and experiences outside of the classroom as well as excellent academic progress.

Students need to use discretion when posting on any social networking sites and the internet. Also use professional email addresses. Most first impressions are based on electronic correspondence. BE AWARE that professional schools look at internet sources when considering an applicant for admission

Congratulations to SWCC former science majors on receiving their PharmD degrees!

Doctoral degrees were awarded by Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Oakwood, VA.

acp 2015 grads

Pictured from left to right - Row one: Savannah Horn, Katrina Scott, Libby Keene, Dorothy Rasnick, Brittney Hagy, Amanda Elkins
Row two: Christopher Cook, Ben Fields, Zachary Payne, Jeff Gilbert, Matthew Justus, Zachary Bush, Veronica Smith, Brad Hibbitts