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Semi-Automated Welding

This program is designed to meet the employment requirements of employers hiring welding to perform the Semi-Automated Welding (MIG) process.

This program is designed to be completed in one semester. Classes are offered at various times, including evenings. Contact us for details and for more information.


The Semi-Automated Welding curriculum is designed to prepare students to perform this process and to pass the welding test employers use as a part of their hiring process.

  • Earn a Semi-Automated Welding Career Studies Certificate
  • Opportunity to continue other Welding programs.
  • Coursework includes: Oxyacetylene, GMAW, Flux Core, SMAW, and GTAW (Stick, MIG, and TIG)
  • Southwest is an American Welding Society Accredited Test Facility

The Semi-Automated Welding program is designed to prepare students to be MIG welders and includes additional coverage of blueprint reading, practice to pass employer welding tests and soft skills.




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Davis Hall is temporarily closed for repairs. Day & night classes in Davis Hall are canceled on April 17 & 18.