MySouthwest SIS – Canvas – Gmail

MYSouthwest (SIS / Canvas / Gmail)


The MYSouthwest System is for use by students of Southwest to:

  • access the NAVIGATE system for advising and course selection, access to college email account, Canvas (course assignments and materials) and your Student Accounts (registration & personal information)
  • manage your curriculum progress using the Degree section of Self Service
  • manage your term class schedules using the Enrollment section of Self Service
  • monitor your Financial Records and pay tuition using the Campus Finances section of Self Service
  • view Academic records such as term grades and transcripts using the Academic Records section

Quick links to use your phone to find key information in your student account (MYSouthwest Login at prompt)


If you need your password reset, please phone one of the contacts listed below between 7:45 am and 4:30 pm EST Monday through Friday or see Password Reset-Self Service below.
Sandy Baisden – 276.964.7238
Jennifer Hale – 276.964.7295
Alta Lewis – 276.964.7293
Kathy Sword – 276.964.7297
Teresa Thompson – 276.964.7299
Connie Whited – 276.964.7608
Brandon Hensley 276.964.7762
Lisa Haywood 276.9647220
Jacob Richardson 276.964.7763
Seth Helmandollar 276.964.7627
Christina Rimmer 276.964.7246
Mike Henry 276.964.7233
Beth Gianato 276.964.7624
Mary Margaret Thompson 276.964.7399
Garret Wright 276.964.7563

Password Reset – Self Service

To reset your password, please follow these steps 

–Navigate to the MYSouthwest login page and click Forgot Password–

• Enter Your account username.  If you do not remember your username please use the Username lookup tool.
• Answer your three security questions.  (If you do not have security questions set please use the Advanced Password Reset tool or contact one of the people listed in the phone list above.)
• Enter and verify new password following password security standards.
• Click “OK”
• You will see a message “Your password has been reset and notification of the change has been emailed to you”
• Click Return to Signin page button.
Password Security Standards
New password must have at least eight characters and not more than thirty-two. Your password must contain a combination of:

* At least one UPPERCASE letter
* At least one lowercase letter
* At least one number (0-9)
* At least one special character (e.g.` ~ ! @ # $ % & ^ * ( ) _ + { } [ ] – \ / ? : ,)

Security Question Requirements

The security feature requires each user to set 5 security questions and answers.

Things You Need to Know before accessing MYSouthwest

Student records in MYSouthwest are confidential but it is up to each student to properly maintain and protect their access information using these guidelines.

  • Your Username and Password are case-sensitive.
  •  When you apply using our Web Application a default password is assigned when your account is created and this default password is given to you. Upon your first login YOU MUST CHANGE this default password to a secure password that you choose. Use the “Username Lookup” option to access the password wizard and create your own secure password. You will be required to change your password every 6 months (180 days).
  • Don’t share your Username or EmplID and Password with ANYONE.
  • Use the system bar to navigate, not the browser menu bar.
  • Don’t forget to Logout and CLOSE YOUR BROWSER because someone using the same computer after you may be able to access your account.
  • System inactivity timeout is approximately 20 minutes

You can enroll for classes at any time through MYSouthwest . However, please be aware of the following:

  • All new students are required to meet with an academic adviser before registering.
  • Students are required to take a Student Development class within their first 15 credits.
  • You have a lifetime limit on the number of college credits that can be paid for using Federal Financial Aid. If you are unsure about whether or not a class is beneficial for your degree goals, ASK someone.
If you receive an error message during add/drop activity, please note the numeric error number provided for you. Contact Admissions & Records (Telephone: 276.964.7238,  Toll Free 800.822.7822 or email ) and provide the number to resolve the error in your transaction. Some students/classes may require enrollment permission or pre-requisite.

Enroll & Access Schedules

Refer to the Southwest Self-Enrollment Guide for additional information.

Go to VCCS SIS in MYSouthwest.

1. In SA Self Service Click on Enrollment (3rd column, 3rd row) to register for classes. To make changes to existing schedule, click the desired transaction to add, drop, swap a course.
2. Select correct enrollment term and click the term for which you want to enroll.
3. From the Add Class screen, enter the class number in the Class NBR field.  If you must search for a class, click the prompt button
a. Enter at least two criteria and click Search.
b. Select a class by clicking on the Select Class checkbox. If the Select Class checkbox is not available, the class is no longer available. (Past date to add).
4. Then proceed to your shopping cart. Click on Proceeded to Step 2 of 3 Button, then click on Finishing Enrolling button.
5. View the status of your class registration at the right under the Message column.
6. If there was a problem with your request, the screen will show Enrollment Error by the class. Click on errors found to view related error message. Note the Error Number and contact Admissions for assistance if needed.
7. Click Add Class link at bottom of screen to add additional classes.

See your completed class schedule with this option.

1. On Self Service Main Menu page under Enrollment
2. Click My Class Schedule. Select the term for the grades you want to view. Your class schedule will display. You may also select View my Weekly Schedule (table format by day and time).
3. Print using only print selected frame option

Grades & Transcripts

An official Southwest Virginia Community College transcript may be requested in any of the following ways:

  1. Send a written request to: Southwest Virginia Community College, Admissions Office, PO Box 1101, Richlands, VA 24641
  2. Fax a request to 276.963.3450
  3. Request online via the Student Information System – MYSouthwest (to have online access you must have an active SWCC admission application on file)
    • Login to MYSouthwest and select SIS.
    • Under Academic Records section select Request Official Transcript and submit your information with a complete mailing address to deliver your transcript.
    • Please allow 5 working days for processing of request. May include additional time during advance registration periods.
    •  The option for you to VIEW your Unofficial Transcript is also available in SIS/Academic Records/ View Unofficial Transcript.
  4. In person at the Admissions Office – Dellinger Hall Room 220 (must have photo ID with you)

Mail or Fax requests: please include your name, student emplid or social security number, where the transcript should be mailed and your signature. Since your signature is required, we cannot accept email request for transcripts unless you are able to sign the request and email it as an attachment. Transcripts are provided free of charge.

I am sorry for any inconvenience, but we do not email or send electronic transcripts at this time. I am here to help so please contact me any time I can be of assistance Teresa Thompson, , 276-964-7299.

For more information about transferring your courses, you may talk to a transfer specialist or use the online tools available on the Transfer Information Page.

View Grades

LOGIN to MYSouthwest > Select Student Information System >Click on Self Service >Click on Academic Records >Click on View My Grades >Select the term for the grades you want to view.

Your course grade history will display for that term.