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Please read these Eligibility Conditions before applying.

  1. You must apply for admission to SWCC and meet the entrance requirements.
  2. You must complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in its entirety and any verification requirements as communicated by the Financial Aid office.
  3. You must graduate high school with a verified 2.5 GPA and maintain a 2.5 GPA to retain eligibility.
  4. Funds are available for 6 continuous semesters following high school graduation, beginning no later than the fall term subsequent to the high school graduation for up to 2 years. (If a fall or spring semester is skipped, this disqualifies you from the program.)
  5. You must be a resident of Tazewell County since January 1st of your high school graduation year.
  6. You must complete 1 hour of community service with an approved 501C3 organization for every $125 of aid received. Community Service hours must be completed during the same term as when county funding is applied. You must turn in the Volunteer Hours form by deadlines-TBA or you will be disqualified. Form and volunteer locations can be found at

*Students who live outside Tazewell County are NOT eligible for this program. Funding is last-dollar and is only available for tuition. Funding is contingent on the county budget, set each year by July 1st.

"Community colleges have never been more relevant than they are today. The average incoming salary of someone with a two-year degree is higher than those with other credentials or no degree at all. The opportunity for graduates to obtain new jobs or level up to a higher position with their current employer, which increases their pay and disposable income, is a game-changer for many families and the local economy." - Dr. Tommy Wright, President of Southwest Virginia Community College

For more details about this program call 276-964-7724.