Business, Engineering & Industrial Technology

Lots of schools offer business & engineering degrees. Why choose Southwest?

Career Fair & Opportunity Showcase

The career fair and opportunity showcase will provide an opportunity for past, current and potential students to network with academic and professionals serving the insurance and financial services industry. The goals are to connect:  potential students with the appropriate Southwest program of study to meet their employment objectives;  current students with continuing education opportunities with 4 year partners; students with potential employers;  employers with potential employees. For more information or to participate, contact the BEIT Division Office at 276-964-7277.

Channels Hike SWAT

Southwest Adventure Team - SwAT, on Channels hike.

Southwest Adventure Team, Michael Brown, James Dye, Advisers. Contact: (276)964-7277 or email
SWAT meets weekly in DA120
$5 membership dues paid each year. Open to students, faculty & staff. Like us on Facebook!

The Southwest Adventure Team is a school sponsored, student-led group dedicated to having fun in the great outdoors.  If you want to hike, canoe, kayak, backpack, mountain bike, snowboard, or just spend time in the great outdoors – this is the club for you!  We practice, “safety first” and “leave nothing but footprints” values and we also include a few tips on outdoor survival skills, map reading/GPS and first-aid. Consider joining the Southwest Adventure Team for fun and adventure. Potential trips can include:   Hikes to the Channels - Hikes around Hidden Lake -  Kayaking / Canoeing Hidden Lake -    The rock wall and rock climbing -  Mountain biking - Hikes along the Appalachian Trail -  Spelunking